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Homework answers / question archive / The paper analyzes KeyBank, which is a $142

The paper analyzes KeyBank, which is a $142


The paper analyzes KeyBank, which is a $142.5 billion bank located in Cleveland, Ohio. You briefly analyze the Uniform Bank Performance Report (UBPR) of the bank from a peer and trend analysis and assess a proposed asset/liability shift.

· briefly correlate the key profitability ratios from the Summary Page of the UBPR with relevant economic metrics. For example, how do short- and long-term US Treasury interest rates correlate with interest income, interest expense, net interest income, etc.? Or, how does the unemployment rate or percentage change in real GDP impact asset quality measures? You only have five annual observations. There is no need to test for significance or run a regression. Does the correlation coefficient make economic sense and how could the projected economy in 2020 impact the bank’s operations and condition?

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