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1.     As she walks down the street, Madeline's eye is caught by a bright   sign advertising the launch of a new smartphone. Which stage of the   perception process does this represent? 



A. Interpretation 


 B.     Attention 


C. Filtering 


D. Organization 


2.   When interviewing a potential employee, managers     may need to decide whether the person has real talent and potential or is     simply well prepared for the interview. What processes is the manager using     in this case? 



 A.       Internal and external attribution 


B. Attention and       organization 


C. Attention and       retention 


D. Retrieval and       judgment 


3.   A manager who supervises people has limited         contact with each employee. Over the past six months, one customer         complained about a particular employee and the manager has personally         observed a loud argument between the same employee and a supervisor from         another department. Based on these two samples and having little time         to gather more information, the manager will most likely use         _______ to fill in the picture of the employee. 



A. salient           cues 


B. schemas 


 C. closure 


D. selective           attention 


4.   Brad is motivated by a strong need for           belonging. Which level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs does this need           represent? 



A. Safety 


B. Love 


 C. Esteem 


D. Self-actualization             


5.                 Motivation in an organizational setting is generally understood               to include three basic components: 



A. values, needs, and groups. 


B. goals, equity, and engagement. 


C. self-awareness, self-reflection, and attribution. 


 D. individual                 differences, the actual job, and the organization. 


6.                     At which stage in the perception process do we clarify                   and translate information and decide on its meaning? 



A. Observation 


B. Attention 


C.                     Interpretation and judgment 


D. Organization 


7.   _______ can be defined as an                       individual physiological, behavioral, and psychological                       response to perceived challenges and threats in our                       environment. 



A.                         Job burnout 


B. Stress 


C.                         General adaptation syndrome 


D.                         Stressors 


8.   Marjorie                           is a front-line manager. She knows that in order to                           inspire her employees to give their best and                           encourage them to engage creatively within the                           organization, she needs to 



A.                             consistently offer positive reinforcement and                             never administer punishment. 


B.                             focus only on her employees' strengths and                             ignore their weaknesses. 


C. shape the work each                             employee does to match their individual talents and                             skills. 


D.                             promote younger, more innovative employees over                             older, more experienced ones. 


9.   After prolonged exposure                               to stressors at home and at the office, Steve                               finally experiences the third stage of stress,                               known as 



A. exhaustion.                                 


B. burnout. 


C. collapse. 


D. futility.


10.   The _______ describes a                               tendency to use one characteristic to create a                               positive impression that dominates other                               information. 



A. self-serving bias 


B. similar-to-me-effect 


 C. halo effect 


D. horn effect 


11.   The process through                                   which we fill in missing information to                                   understand a stimulus is referred to as 



A. attention. 


B. salient cueing. 


C. stigma. 


 D. closure. 



12.   Ingrid was aware that                                 stress in the workplace had economic costs, but                                 she was shocked to learn in a recent report                                 that job stress alone cost U.S. businesses more                                 than _______ a year due to absenteeism, lower                                 productivity, employee turnover, and medical,                                 legal, and insurance costs. 



A. $400 million 


B. $300 million 


C. $40 billion 


D. $300                                   billion 


13.   "Oh, he's a                                   computer programmer. Of course he's a                                   geek!" says Andrea of a worker in                                   another department. What type of perceptual                                   bias does this statement represent? 



A. Horn effect 


B. Fundamental attribution error 


C. Self-serving bias 


D.                                     Stereotype 


14.   Based on his                                       understanding of expectancy theory, Jose                                       chooses to motivate the employees he                                       manages by 



A. communicating guidelines                                         under which undesirable behavior will                                         be punished. 


B. quantifying what is expected                                         of the employees. 


C. articulating a timetable for                                         accomplishing a specific task. 


D.                                         choosing rewards or outcomes that are                                         of value to that group of employees. 


15.   The first                                         time he meets his new manager, Felix is                                         really struck by her British accent.                                         Which aspect of attention does this                                         describe? 



A. Schemas 


B. Salient cues 


C.                                         Stereotyping 


D. Perceptual bias 


16.   Kira tells                                         her parents that she received a                                         year-end bonus because of the long                                         hours of hard work she invested in his                                         job. Which form of attribution is she                                         using? 



A. Internal 


B. Simplification 


 C.                                         Overjustification


D. Selective perception 


17.   Psychologist                                         Frederick Herzberg proposed a                                         two-factor model of human needs. Which                                         of the following is used in this model                                         to describe the higher-level needs? 



A.                                         Motivating factors 


B. Achievement factors 


C. Extrinsic factors 


D. Hygiene factors 


18.   The most                                         important factor associated with                                         increasing employee engagement is to 



A.                                         authentically involve employees in                                         making decisions that affect them. 


B. focus on fixing employees'                                         weaknesses. 


C. let them set their own                                         timetables for accomplishing                                         organizational goals. 


D. reward all employees with                                         bonuses without giving a reason. 


19.   The                                         involvement, satisfaction, and                                         enthusiasm employees have for their work                                         is known as 



A.                                         employee engagement. 


B. job involvement. 


C. organization commitment. 


D. group development. 


20.   A type of                                         workload pressure known as _______ is                                         intensified when goals are unclear,                                         because workers find it harder to                                         determine priorities and to plan for                                         particularly busy periods. 



A. time stress 


B. bullying 


                                         C. role conflict 


D.                                         ambiguity

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