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Homework answers / question archive / Write 8 pages with APA style on Models of Cultural Classifications

Write 8 pages with APA style on Models of Cultural Classifications


Write 8 pages with APA style on Models of Cultural Classifications. The paper will try to determine a paradigm so that the behavior of those participating in these given cultures can be predicted to address organizational issues. Also, most of the models being addressed in the paper take a functionalist paradigm approach to explain their typologies, thus they focus primarily on the interrelationship between the internal dynamics of the organization and effectiveness. Thus, comparative research will aim at determining models of cultural classification, further aiming at predicting the future behavior of those participating in the culture of the organization (Harrison & Handy 1998).

Analyzing the model proposed by Harrison and Handy is one of the most credible, the oldest and the most cited one amongst all. Though the typologies proposed by both these researchers are distinct, there are many similarities in their models. Harrison identified four distinct kinds of organizations. based on the power, tasks, roles, and people of the organization. Since an organization contains employees who share a sense of values, thus the system or culture of the organization is shaped by the values identified by Harrison (Hofstede 2002). The culture of power can be identified in an organization where there is immense rivalry amongst people, centralization of power exists with an intensified presence of rivalries alongside intense competition amongst various actors in the organization. Similarly, the Culture of roles is found in an organization where there are stability and order, proper hierarchy, and a sense of security with the apparent competition. Also, the culture of tasks is the one where&nbsp.goals are central to the organization, team-building measures and cooperation exists, specific tasks are assigned based on knowledge and competence and cooperation and self-control is also central to the organization.

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