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Homework answers / question archive / Use proofreaders' marks to correct all errors of AP style in the following sentences

Use proofreaders' marks to correct all errors of AP style in the following sentences


Use proofreaders' marks to correct all errors of AP style in the following sentences. There may be multiple errors in each sentence. In the column to the right, list the page number in the AP Stylebook where you found the answer.
1)The university cancelled its Farsi class for ramadan.
2)64 people rode in the bicycle parade between Boyd and Main Streets.
3)Almost 3000 people died in the attacks of September 11, 2001.
4)They loaded the car in San Diego, Calif., to drive to Walla Walla, Wash.
5)He left his job at the CIA to join a task force at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
6)His phone rang at 9:00 A.M. and at 4:24P.M.
7)The candidate drew support primarily from states along the East coast.
8)He bought a car that cost 40 thousand three hundred and twenty-one dollars.
9)The lunch special was a choice between fettuccine Alfredo nd philly cheesesteak for
nine dollars.
10)The defendant appealed his case to the Ninth United States Circuit Court of Appeals.
11)The coach selected the best eleven players as starters for the game.
12)By 2050, minorities will make up more than fifty percent of the United States population.
13)Sergeant Elvis Presley was discharged from the army in 1960.
14)You can take all of your trash to the Dumpster at 1437 Shields Avenue.
15)The GIs lowered the red, white, and blue flag on after memorial day.
16)The seven year old girl spent five dollars on a present for fathers day.
17)Rev. Quentin Brown ate dinner at 6:00 p.m. at Turner Brothers Pizza, located at 1634 Forest Rd.    
18)The couple got married on December 12 2011 in Macon GA.
19)They settled in Okla. for a few years before moving to the northwest.
20)The team signed 2 Seniors from Lawton High School.
21)Senator Elizabeth Warren favors pay raises for teachers irregardless of the cost.
22)Go see Prof. Amira Hill. Her office is located in room 511 of the Science Bldg.
23)He got a job on campus that paid eight dollars and fifty cents an hour.
24)1st Lady Melania Trump wore a red givenchy dress during her trip to the united kingdom.
25)Dr. Jim Whitson, Ph.D., teaches classes in the Chemistry Department.
26)The Police officer and the Sheriff's deputy arrested the burglars.
27)The Boston Terrier laying on the floor belongs to the veterinarian.
28)The democrats planned to hold their convention in Wisc.
29)She was promoted to the rank of capt. in the United States Navy.
30)The Pope celebrated mass at 12 p.m. on easter.
31)The setter for the Volleyball team is a Junior who is six ft. tall.
32)The President's advisors joined him on air force one.

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