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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 10 pages paper on spa design history

Write a 10 pages paper on spa design history


Write a 10 pages paper on spa design history. Spa is considered to be the place of relaxation, treatment of various diseases, through different water therapies and of course the mean to be pampered. It can be broadly defined as the treatment or therapies (with water) through the regulated usage of time, place and the method of bathing, washing, showering etc. The origin dates back to the roman era, where the soldiers after long wars used to relax, treated as well by natural medication, which is water.

History of Spa culture

The concept of spa is derived from the practice used by the ancient warriors, where they used the techniques of practicing water therapy for different medication purpose, for the treatment of the wounds and for rejuvenating after a long war. These were considered to be the best treatment for wounded and tired muscles or body part. SPA- The full form is Sanus Per Aquam or Sanitus Per Aquam, both emphasized the importance and the usefulness of water for health and more importantly treatment.

There are different beliefs and understanding relating to the spa culture. The most popular directs to the time of the Roman Empire, where they invented the way to use thermal water to get rid of their ailments. They made the springs and took hot water treatment in it. SPA is derived form that practice, which means by or through water. In this period a town named SPA was founded in Belgium also, which gave the common man a chance to avail the services and the utility of spa. The concept of spa and its popularity reached its peak during this time.

Some history dates back to 3100—300 BCE where the Egyptians used water therapy and herbal treatments , in the era 700-200 BCE, the Greeks used cold water for the Spartans, in 200 BCE, Hebrews used the purification practice by immersing in the sea.

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