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Joos: 1


  1. Joos: 1.Intimate Non-public. 2. Casual n-group friends and acquaintances 3. Consultative teacher/student, doctor/patient, expert/apprentice, 4.Formal presentations or introductions between strangers. 5. Frozen- speech that sounds like a pre-written paper
    Labov: 1. Casual (Same), 2. careful (Consultive), Reading, Word list, Minimal Pairs
  2. Levels 1.Standard, 2.Colloquial (Common Slang), 3. Dialectal, 4. Slang (in group slang), 5. Jargon (Register)
    Archaic- Old Fashion, Vulgar- Swearing, Scientific- based on latin and Greek
  3. Labov- style shift with friends because you dont pay attention to what the say as much
  4. Giles- We want to accommodate (to satisfy) the person we're talking to
  5. Bell- When you are speaking to someone you will only accomodate your audience so far, might dumb down but only to a point since you have people around you
  6. Style shifting do the social differences of people
  7. a form of social stratification in which status is determined by birth and background and cannot be changed.
  8. Some social variables are stable or easily changed for style shifting
  9. an attempt to be overly "correct" resulting in the production of language different from the standard
  10. style variation based on stratification of an ethnic group

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