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I need some assistance with these assignment


I need some assistance with these assignment. jasper conran Thank you in advance for the help! Jasper Conran is considered to be amongst the greatest contemporary artists and in recognition of his contribution to the fashion industry was honored with the Order of the British Crown in 2008. After Jasper Conran became associated with the Debenhams Store that stocked and marketed his J Line women’s wear that was launched in 1996, several of his other range of products began to be accepted through the store. In fact, his most successful venture has been his association with Debenhams, after which the sale of his line of accessories, men’s wear, women’s wear, hosiery, children wear and homeware grew exponentially. Jasper Conran has the distinction of being recognized with credibility in the world of costume designing. He has designed dresses for more than 15 theatre, opera and ballet productions (Ewing and Mackrell, 2006). Presently, his line of products has vastly expanded and includes lingerie, children’s wear, bridal wear, home wear, hosiery, jeans and men’s wear. In 1999, Jasper Conran had started designing his signature brands of crystal following his partnership with Waterfold. This effort led to the introduction of four exclusive lines for Waterford and other table ware collections of bone china, which were also supplied to Wedgewood. The Wedgewood Collection by Jasper Conran is now the top selling porcelain table ware in the U.K. Jasper Conran launched his signature fragrance in 2003 and in 2005 he launched his most successful colorful fragrances. Jasper Conran II Man and Woman. In 2004, Jasper Conran designed a series of wallpapers and fabrics for the Designers’ Guild in London. At this time, Jasper Conran also designed an exclusive collection of fashionable fire places for Chesney’s in London. Jasper Conran is credited with having a unique British receptivity and his signature is exclusive because of his cuts and ensuing silhouette that remain unparalleled by other designers. Jasper Conran has often been said to be the Calvin Klein of London. He created collections for men and women that represented sophisticated and classic lines. In 1986, he was declared as the Fashion Designer of the Year by the British Fashion Council, after which he struck a balance between British culture and international fashion. Jasper Conran was inspired by earlier Coco Chanel designs and American looks of Claire McCardell. His designs have been applauded for his outcomes generated from his retro styles and modern sophistication that were brought forth with pop over and monastic dresses. He is well recognized for his elegant adaptations of conventional British tweed formals. Conran’s ability and recognition was given a boost primarily because of his use of color combinations that were introduced in his 1992 collection. His evening wear is characteristic of a clean line in each garment that is brightened with cobalt and fuchsia. Founder’s Philosophy Capture any statements made by the designer or brand company about their philosophy e.g. attitudes to the environment. Jasper Conran is recognized as an authority in British styles, tailoring and designs that are characterized by a simple philosophy. His pieces are created so that they are used and enjoyed and are a pleasure to hold and to watch. Conran was much impacted by Jean Muir and still considers him as his mentor in fashion styles.

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