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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 5 pages paper on woman in resistance, Resistance takes different forms

Write a 5 pages paper on woman in resistance, Resistance takes different forms


Write a 5 pages paper on woman in resistance, Resistance takes different forms. It can be physical or material where people resist using their bodies or other physical objects. For example use of violence, working slowly, feigning illness, or pilfering from one's employer. Resistance can also take the mode of talk, silence, and symbolic behavior as seen with the Hawaiian women who published traditional stories in newspapers. They used indigenous language and different dances in order to oppose the annexation of Hawaii. Silence as a form of resistance is clearly also seen with Northern Ireland women defiantly refused to talk during police raids (Hollander and Einwohner, 2004, p. 536).

Resistance also varies in other aspects such as scale, target, and direction. With respect to scale, resistance can be individual or in a group. Scale also encompasses the level of organization of the resistance. Resistance can target individuals, organizations, or governments. Resistance can come from the direction of the weak that resist against the oppressive mighty, and it can come from the powers that resist demands of the poor and weak (Hollander and Einwohner, 2004, p. 536). This paper explores different forms of resistance by women in their activism against social, economic, and political malpractices fuelled by colonialism and imperialism and primarily resistance by indigenous women of Canada and other parts of Northern America.

The origin of woman's resistance and colonialism cannot be separated. With reference to the US-Mexico border region, indigenous women feel repression started with Spanish colonization, which was associated with atrocities such as mass slaughter, sexual violence, and radical destruction of indigenous institutions. Two spheres of the law were introduced, the Spanish Republic and Indian spheres of law. Indigenous lands and the tributary labor were granted to the European colonizers through the famous encomienda system. In other words, the natives were enslaved by colonialism. Women aboriginal to this are express their dissatisfaction with the foreign and oppressive systems.&nbsp.

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