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all products that an organization sells


  1. all products that an organization sells.
    Campbell's width of product mix: Soups, sauces, frozen entrees, beverages, and biscuits.
  2. the number of product lines an organization offers.
  3. the number of product items in a product line.
  4. Changing one or more of a product's characteristics.
  5. 1. Quality Modification
    2. Functional Modification
    3. Style Modification
    -Planned obsolescence
  6. Change in a product's dependability or durability. Reducing a product's quality may let the manufacturer lower the price and appeal to target markets unable to afford the original product. Conversely, increasing quality can help the firm compete with rival firms. Like Barnes & Novle offering a color version of its nook that runs android apps allowing it to compete with apple and netbook makers.
  7. Change in a product's versatility, effectiveness, convenience, or safety. Dish Network and DIRECTV can now proide satellite service to multiple units in apartment building with one dish.
  8. aesthetic product change rather than a quality or functional change. Clothing and auto manufacurers commonly use style modifications to motivate customers to replace products before they are worn out.
  9. the practice of modifying products so those that have already been sod become obsolete before they actually need replacement.
  10. a name, term, symbol, design, or combination thereof that identifies a seller's products and differentiates them from competitors' products.

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