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Homework answers / question archive / prepare and submit a term paper on Role of the Family in the Prevention of Eating Disorders

prepare and submit a term paper on Role of the Family in the Prevention of Eating Disorders


prepare and submit a term paper on Role of the Family in the Prevention of Eating Disorders. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. Apparently, the food is thereafter removed from the body through vomiting, starving, exercise as well as other methods such as through laxatives (Bulik et al, 2005).

While the family and the family factors may play a significant role from the onset of the eating disorders, it is not the only reason that predisposes a person to suffer from eating disorders. The question that arises is what role the family can play in the prevention of eating disorders (Stockman, 2009). To answer this question, we must appreciate that the family must be involved in the prevention of the eating disorders before they set in or they turn for the worse.

Eating orders are caused by many situations and events that make the person at risk of suffering the condition and this includes filial relationships or genetics amongst other causes (Jacobi et al, 2005). The eating disorders will lead to problems of body image in the society, which places much emphasis on the beauty, and the physical perfection of the body. Mostly, the adolescent girls are very self-conscious of their body and the fact that a person has an undesirable body that does not resemble the perfect physical shape make them involve in dietary regimes that may cause eating disorders (Shoebridge and Gowers, 2000). Once the eating disorder sets in, the affected person loses weight rapidly in the case of anorexia while the person suffering from bulimia stops eating soon after starting which may call for the intervention of the family in the prevention of this phenomenon.

The family can play a vital role in the prevention of the eating disorders. this is majorly through the elimination of the factors that may lead a person to the eating disorders or the early treatment and detection of the disorder. This can be through the finding of effective ways of minimizing the pressures brought by the family or the society as well as the individual that makes a person want to be thin (Le and Lock, 2011). It may also involve the family striving to reduce the duration of an eating disorder through early detection and intervening to stop the behaviour before it degenerates for the worse.

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