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Homework answers / question archive / At each level of the organization are people who have the potentiality and capability to create a better work environment

At each level of the organization are people who have the potentiality and capability to create a better work environment


At each level of the organization are people who have the potentiality and capability to create a better work environment. However, the existing work atmosphere is filled with disbelieve for senior management, dissatisfaction about professional development, and lack of motivation. I understand that this organization is bound by complicated merit structure, human resource guidelines compliant with administrative law and existing budgetary limits way away your power. The current periods of change in the work environment is stemming worker enthusiasm, drive and productivity. This is a rich and composite work atmosphere, and though I do not pretend to comprehend all the issues involved, I would like to draw your attention to a very serious concern Since the cost of living is rising ultimately, it is very pertinent to bring up the issue to your attention as our department's salary raise hasn't been granted for 2 years. The personnel are strong, knowledgeable, and capable. however, since they are not connecting that ability towards the objective of the organization, this inducement will be a great technique to have the staff takes strides at achieving goals that will produce positive results toward the organization. In addition, the goals that the inducement program institutes will test staff members who are fed up and think unchallenged. The company needs to promote workers performance goals and offer incentives reasonably.

We value the opportunity we have had for the duration of serving as a central member of the advertising and sales support group. This past year has been a particularly challenging business situation, but our accomplishments have continued to build on our previous accomplishments, and we have high hopes for this success to carry on for the anticipated future.

Here are a few highlights of how we have helped the corporation in the precedent years:

Developed a plan that brought a customer from the brink of ending our services to restoring at a higher level than ever before, adding a net increase of $700,000.

Partnered with several other departments to attract new business opportunities totaling $1.2 million.

Conceptualized, recommended, and constructed a market investigation that serves as a priceless tool for our industry, increasing the company's visibility, and making it easier for our sales group to call on potential clients.

Served as the group of two company-wide task forces that acknowledged redundancies, reduce costs, and save the company's quite a few million dollars.

Contributed in and attended seven professional gatherings that resulted in increased visibility of the corporation within the industry.

Mentored and coached all interns who handled many usual functions within the department, freeing up management to focus on new client progress and existing customer retention.

Recommended new ventures, and completed all new missions and assignments when asked to do so.

Another productive approach can be a performance interconnected bonus or rise in pay subjected to achieving additional, based on amplified standards of productivity, greater than existing or projected levels. Because we're contributing something in return and not merely asking for additional money, this again should be perceived positively by the company, which most tend to do. Adopting an allocation-program is the subsequent step in order to grant everyone the prospect of earning inducements. Regular communication and Training support are indispensable in order to authenticate that people are on the accurate path. The company needs to promote employees performance ambitions and offer incentives reasonably.

Also Improving job design assists meaningful and demanding work, promoting job significance and loyalty that ultimately can lead to improved overall job satisfaction and productivity.

A More Supple Schedule:

A lot of companies these days have been moving in this trend, and are permitting their workers to work five 10-hour days with a two-day weekend. We have children, working a reduced week can be great way to increase our comfort and work-life balance -- an excellent alternative to an increased income.

We look ahead to continue to play a significant role as a sales and promotion department for the company, and given all of our recent achievements and that our salary is quiet below industry standards, we are confident that you will offer a salary increase that reflects these issues and my standing in the department. We acknowledge that asking higher-ups to help supplement our work-life balance is an excellent substitute to an increased salary, especially in these times of economic uncertainty.

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