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Homework answers / question archive / Write 3 pages thesis on the topic learning and development of new employees

Write 3 pages thesis on the topic learning and development of new employees


Write 3 pages thesis on the topic learning and development of new employees. An effective indicator of how much training has helped the learning process is to analyze the performance of each group within the company before and after the training period.

The assessment of learning need refers to two related and sequential activities. The first need is the identification of the learning need, and secondly, it is the analysis of the learning need. The identification and analysis of the learning need to enhance the ability and performance of an individual in the team. The crux of the matter is the correct identification and analysis. In the absence of these, it is not possible to see the desired results in the employees.

The needs assessment phase of a learning and development project serves a diagnostic purpose and the needs assessment phase must be done properly as it is the basis for much subsequent learning and development. If this is not done, the training cannot be properly directed and inadequately focused and the consequences may be that learners may not acquire appropriate knowledge or skill, scarce and valuable resources may be wasted, the credibility of the learning and development function may suffer, and the learning and development program will not contribute to meeting the organization's strategic objectives.

Although concerned with conceptual issues, there are practical issues also since it is the assessment of needs using valid and reliable tools which is of direct concern to the learning and development practitioner on a day-to-day basis. This model must pursue a clear, balanced approach to concepts and practice. One without the other will only render the model ineffective and hypocritical.

The overarching purposes of needs assessment and learning and development planning are to ensure that learning and development interventions address priority learning needs that can enable individuals, departments or organizations to meet their goals and commitments, and are aligned between the individual's goals and commitments (Training 4 Business).

On the Job Needs Assessment

On the job needs assessment is to identify the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are likely to be required by a job holder. These are hierarchical task analysis, cognitive task analysis, and critical incident technique.

These analysis and technique provide the trainee with a better understanding of the organization, better knowledge of the product, and ensures that the trainee is imparted necessary skills to raise performance levels.

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