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Homework answers / question archive / Need an research paper on origins of the idea of american exceptionalismin history

Need an research paper on origins of the idea of american exceptionalismin history


Need an research paper on origins of the idea of american exceptionalismin history. and give many examples from the book uncle tom's cabin(first publ. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. Throughout the history of the nation, the country experienced unique historical occurrences, which sustained the concept of exceptionalism as most of the historical occurrences different from those that had taken place elsewhere in the world. Based on the analysis of such historical occurrences and a reflection of the novel Uncle Sam’s cabin, the essay below analyses the development and the use of the concept. Among such historical occurrences was the American Revolution, while historians have referred to the conflict in the first half of the 18th century as a revolution, the war was merely a nationalist movement seeking independence from the colonial masters. In a unique development and being the first of its kind, thirteen American colonies in the North concerted their effort to oppose the British colony thus push for self-rule. The thirteen states rejected the use of the legislations from the English parliament thus setting stage for one of the greatest wars in the history of the United States. In its uniqueness, the American Revolution became some of the forces beyond the formation of the United States. In their show of unity, the thirteen states joined together thus pooled their resources to form one of the greatest resistance in the world thus showing the power of unity. Some other historians on the other hand have sought to validate the resistance movement as an actual revolution. the war portrayed certain features that qualify it as a rebellion. The resistance against the British colonization of the land required great planning especially given the fact that it united thirteen expansive states. Just as many other revolutions elsewhere in the world, the American Revolution sought to introduce a change in regime. It was a great rebellion whose key objective was to topple the colonial government thus earns the thirteen regions in the north their independence. The resistance from the North compelled the government of England to send its troop to the land thus beginning on of the largest military inversion in the world. However, in their strong resolve and spirit of nationalism, the leaders of the revolution used their knowledge of their land to their advantage thus outsmarting the British soldiers thus sending he wave of the resistance to other parts of America such as the south. The other exceptional development in the American history was the American colony in Massachusetts. The expansive region exhibited cosmopolitan structure since it habited both the natives and the colonialists. While the colonialists strived to amass as much wealth from the country’s expansive resources, the locals exhibited resistance from the initial stages of the entry of the colonialists. However, their plan was to integrate with the colonialists and conduct their business alongside the colonialists thus learn their ways and formulate a massive resistance an occurrence that began the American Revolution. In the novel, the author portrays a close relationship between the natives and the colonialists. The growth of the slave trade would revolutionize the economy of the world, the locals thus appreciated the trade and often invested in slave trade often purchasing the slaves from the slave markets all over Africa and selling them to the settlers. The treatment of the African American slaves in the country however became the longest American holocaust.

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