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Homework answers / question archive / Write an article on Micro-Aggression as the Opposite of Micro-Affirmation

Write an article on Micro-Aggression as the Opposite of Micro-Affirmation


Write an article on Micro-Aggression as the Opposite of Micro-Affirmation. It needs to be at least 1250 words. This leads to increased satisfaction and reduced employee turnover rates.

Therefore, managers, supervisors, and academic officers have the opportunity to apply micro-affirmation actions. This has high positive impacts on students and also to the employees. On the other hand, micro-aggression is the opposite of micro-affirmation as it includes understated verbal and nonverbal cues that can be insulting to an individual or a group (Feruzan, Irani, Campbell, McCartney and Gooding 102). This is usually targeted for a specific color or those in lower social, the economic class who tend not performing to inform them that they are unwelcome, invisible, or incapable of performing well. In my paper, I will discuss micro-aggression in an academic environment focusing on its use and impact on student’s performance and success (Eugenie and Atkins 89).

Students do succeed due to the small gestures conveyed to them, which leads to their motivation to put extra effort into their education. The educators should always sprinkle and extend supportive and caring information all over the institutions to motivate their students. Such extended information is and should be regarded as micro-affirmations. On the other hand, many institutions still have some racism despite its fight by different organizations. This is what is referred to as micro-aggression (RINGROSE & JESSICA 106). Micro-aggression activities do discourage individuals as they depict that they cannot perform a given task or that they are unwelcome in a given environment.

A good example is (RINGROSE & JESSICA 124) an implication that an individual of a given color must have succeeded in a given accomplishment by the assistance of a special program for the underrepresented or low-income groups, and not by the worthiness of their talent or skills, or indifferent the negative understanding of&nbsp.students who have gone through intentional or unintentional bias on campus.

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