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Write a 10 pages paper on blake and browning


Write a 10 pages paper on blake and browning. The Romantic period stretched from 1789 until 1832. This was a style of poetry where freedom of thought and feeling was expressed. The romantics valued spiritual and natural experiences rather than scientific or logical experiences such as metaphysics. Some major elements that appear in Romantic poetry are: The love of nature makes up a major part of a theme in the poetry where the wonder and beauty of nature are praised and worshipped in a Pantheist manner. The poetry expresses sympathy and concern for the state of mankind. often looking at man’s spiritual situation. The emphasis is placed on the emotions of the individual rather than the workings of the mind. The Romantics were interested in the supernatural, myths, and old legends and often reflected this in their poetry, also demonstrating a strong imagination which made for creative and heartfelt poetry. The poetry expressed the dislike for tyrannical control and encouraged freedom of the individual. More often than not the Romantics reflected on melancholic thoughts such as the feeling of loneliness and disillusion and the contemplation of death and the afterlife. []

When looking at the historical events that influenced the Romantic poetry we note three major events: The French Revolution, the American Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. The first two involved the breaking of tyrannical rule and the freedom of the oppressed. As seen above this led to poetry discussing freedom of self and the importance of the individual. The industrial revolution which began in Britain in the late 18th century brought about massive changes in everyday life. It affected everything from economic and social life to cultural practices. During this period manual labor ceased to be of such importance being replaced by machinery. Longer working hours were introduced, exploiting the workers, treating them as machinery themselves.&nbsp.

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