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Homework answers / question archive / As stated in the text, grief is a natural reaction to loss and loss is an inevitable part of being human

As stated in the text, grief is a natural reaction to loss and loss is an inevitable part of being human


As stated in the text, grief is a natural reaction to loss and loss is an inevitable part of being human. Many older people must deal with the cumulative effect of losses created by lifelong inequitie

Discussion Board Assignments Instructions

Check course schedule to make sure your reflection(s) is/are posted in time!

There is a great deal of writing required for this capstone course, and I will be providing resources to utilize to assist in building that vital skill. As researchers have conclusively been showing, much of the learning takes place in the interactions between students; therefore, 30% of your final grade will be coming from participation in your posted reflections and responses based on our Discussion Board topics.

Each of your Discussion Board topic reflection posting is expected to be treated like a mini-term paper in which the 400 level course writing mastery will be shown. By “400 level course writing mastery” I mean that the writing you do in response to the given topic should be based on a combination of understandings and insights derived from a critical reading of and reflection upon the assigned material (textbook chapter, journal articles, videos), as well as upon your own personal and professional experiences.  I encourage you to write from your experiences, to foreground your own voice, but only in the service of enlivening your scholarly analysis. I expect you to use APA latest format for your cited “data”(in-text and as reference!). In your “data” you will refer to 2 outside sources (outside sources = materials you'll research on your own – these sources have not been provided by our class) One of these outside resources must be a personal communication with an older adult.

The rule of thumb for our reflections should be 250-500 word count (the equivalent of 1-2 pages, double spaced) in Word.doc. However, when you do your postings please do not attach any documents under your thread. Use copy/past function to add your text into the BeachBoard (any attached document into Discussion Board assigned reflections will be dismissed!). Make sure to post your reflection on time as indicated in our class schedule; late posted reflections will have penalty of deducted points!

When you respond to one of your classmate’s reflection, a response such as “I agree” or “I disagree” really is not going to get the job done. The War and Peace version of writing is not going to do it either!  I expect academic level of sophistication when decide to respond to your classmate’s reflection.  Inappropriate content will have consequences. If you even think that something you have to say will be offensive to someone else in the class, send an email first to pass it by me. I don’t want to stifle your creative ideas, but disrespectful comments are counter-productive. 

And one last thought, please be aware of netiquette rules and our campus policy with regard to plagiarism!

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