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Homework answers / question archive / This file is a proforma for the EEET2246 Laboratory Test 2

This file is a proforma for the EEET2246 Laboratory Test 2


This file is a proforma for the EEET2246 Laboratory Test 2.
This file defines the assessment task which is worth 8% of course in total - there is no
other documentation.
The Laboratory Test 2 task is to write a program that takes one number from the DIP switches
(PORTC, via the PINC command) of a simulated OUSB Board and a second number from the command
line arguments as input numbers to your program. The program will then perform a specific type
of arithmetic operation, which will be determined by the value of the second command line argument
(if it is provided). The resulting answer will then be displayed to the console screen in signed
decimal representation. Additionally your program will be required to also represent the absolute
value of the result as an 8-bit unsigned integer on PORTB of the simulated OUSB Board. Therefore if the
arithmetic operation on the two input numbers results in a decimal result, the signed decimal
value shall be displayed on the console screen and the absolute 8-bit integer representation
(ie. truncated version) will be represented in the PORTB register of the simulated OUSB Board. This means
that if a physical OUSB Board (with the real ousb.exe interface file) is used, the 8-bit integer
representation will be displayed on the OUSB board LEDs which are connected to the the PORTB data
lines. As we are using the the OUSB simulator, the value would be represented as a number between 0 and
255 in the portb.txt file. Therefore it is expected that your solution will account for the
limitations in the real or simulated hardware and appropriately write the correct value to the
simulated OUSB board. Note: The PINC value for a simulated OUSB Board will be located in
the pinc.txt file and should be accessed via the appropriate OUSB pinc command.

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