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Homework answers / question archive / Report TWO article summaries To encourage you to be interested in the current issues in marketing, you are required to summarize 2 news articles per report that include valuable marketing implications (i

Report TWO article summaries To encourage you to be interested in the current issues in marketing, you are required to summarize 2 news articles per report that include valuable marketing implications (i


Report TWO article summaries
To encourage you to be interested in the current issues in marketing, you are required to
summarize 2 news articles per report that include valuable marketing implications (i.e., things
you could learn). Here is the detailed instruction:
You summarize news articles you choose to help others’ understanding. Please
introduce the core points others can learn from your news articles. Your summary
should include ‘title of news article’, ‘source info (e.g., web links)’, ‘your summary,’
‘managerial implications’, and etc. Adding relevant pictures are required. Detailed items
that should be included in your report are introduced below.
Your article summary should be min. 800 words EACH (i.e., min. report length = 800
x 2 = 1,600 words), but not limited to that length and include the following components
in your report:
1) Title
2) Relevant Image(s)
3) Summary
4) Good marketing implications & learning points for others
(i.e., how your findings can be applied to other contexts)
5) Your opinions & evaluations based on evidence
6) References – multiple references (APA style)
(refer to the following link for APA style)
In grading your report, I’ll consider:
- Topic uniqueness / Topic diversity
- Readability (i.e., reader-friendly)
- Length & depth
- Evidence to support your thoughts - It requires additional research.
- Above all, what we can learn from your report & how it can be applied to other
contexts in marketing or business.
More detailed report guidelines and sample reports are posted under the folder named “Report†.
Your file in the format of MS Word should be posted on the drop box on Blackboard by 11:59
pm Feb. 14, Sun, 2021. Please make sure you upload your file into the correct folder and
whether or not your file is correctly downloadable. The files sent after the deadline will be
penalized - 10 points per hour (e.g., paper submitted at 12:00 am will get -10 pts penalty).
1) Please note that if your report has only ONE article summary, you will get -50 pts
penalty. You’re responsible for reading the report guidelines and sample reports!!   

Guidelines for Report


Basically, your report should include the following six components. The following sections address what will be required of you:


  1. Title

[Grading Category: Topic uniqueness/diversity, Readability]


The title should represent what your report is about. It should not be the title of the article.


  1. Relevant Image(s)

[Grading Category: Readability]


You’re required to put some relevant images that will help readers to better understand your summary/observation. Examples of irrelevant or unnecessary images are:

    • Company logos because your article is not about the logo.
    • Product images because your article is not about the product images. Your article should be focused on product functions.


  1. Summary

[Grading Category: Length & Depth]


You’re required to make a concise but detailed summary in your report.  You SHOULD NOT copy & paste article content in this process.  Every semester I have a student that violates this rule. To identify this problem, I randomly use the software called “turnitin” that detects plagiarism.  


  1. Good marketing implications & Learning points

[Grading Category: Length & depth, Evidence/additional research, What we can learn]


Please clarify why you selected the article and why the article is important. In this section, please avoid to present your subjective feeling or emotion (e.g., “I like the idea”, “It’s a unique approach”, “I believe it will work very well”) without any supporting evidence.  Also, show how your findings, implications, what you’ve learned can be applied to other similar contexts (e.g., mobile cashiers managed by employees in Apple stores can be adopted in BestBuy to hide commercial purposes). 


  1. Your opinions & evaluations based on evidence

[Grading Category: Length & Depth, Evidence/additional research]


Please share your evaluations on the ideas obtained from your article(s).  It is not necessary to share positive opinions all the time, since marketing ideas are not perfect.  There is much to learn from failure.  Most importantly, you must present evidence to support your opinion.


For example, “McDonald’s has recently introduced many new food items based on fresh vegetables to avoid the “junk food” image.  This approach is expected to be successful.  According to xyz statistics, their sales have increased after the introduction of diverse fresh foods and consumers’ perception about McDonalds’ have dramatically improved.  Previously, around 70% of consumers considered McDonalds’ as a representative for junk food. Due to the new product strategies, the percentage has dropped to 35%, etc…”  


This is only an example. You can find and refer to more diverse evidence to conclude your opinions and evaluations on each article.  This assignment will require significant reading and time to process the information.


6. References

[Grading Category: Readability]


While I prefer the APA format, you only have to provide enough reference information to help me in tracking your sources.



Very important tips:


  1. Please make sure that your report consists of TWO article summaries.


  1. Please do not introduce the same topic of articles in your report.  For example, if your first article introduces an interesting ad campaign then the second article should not introduce a similar idea.


  1. “Min. 800 words” means literally a minimum requirement. Make more than 800word based reports to impress me.  Of course, your report should be concise without redundant descriptions that aim to kill the space. 800 words is simply a minimum requirement.  It will be impressive to see reports more than 800 words.  Make sure that you keep them concise and you are not being redundant simply to increase the length of you report.


  1. Please refer to at least four different articles as supporting evidence. Although, more sources are better, I ask that you refrain from including unnecessary references. Here are some examples:


    • company domains (e.g.,, without any specific and detailed information.
    • different references basically saying the same story

“Facebook’s 10th Birthday” at

“Happy 10th Birthday, Facebook” at


  1. Use sub-heads to be more reader-friendly.  For example,


What 10 year-old Facebook means to us



Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday…


Implications & Learning Points

The SNS business is getting popular… Its paradigm is still bright?...


My Opinions & Evaluations

Many info sources, such as eMarketer (2012) assert that the business model of

Facebook will survive longer…



Reynolds, Rob (2014), “Facebook’s 10th Birthday” accessed on Feb. 19, 2013, available at

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