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Homework answers / question archive / Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses big brother: state surveillance in the 21st century

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses big brother: state surveillance in the 21st century


Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses big brother: state surveillance in the 21st century. Furthermore, these innovations have enabled anonymity and enhanced meticulous information-sharing and cross-cultural dialogues. It is these advancements in technology that have increased opportunities for state surveillance, as well as other interventions into the private communications between citizens. It has often been argued that a dependence on a nebulous concept such as privacy is not the best solution to the resistance of state surveillance measures. It is paradoxical that it is the demand for privacy and protection of civil liberties that actually increases the need for surveillance, and hence, more surveillance, and so on. Nevertheless, a practical reality concerning overt state surveillance is that there the legal frameworks to provide a context within which covert surveillance is conducted. This reality must recognize that privacy cannot be regarded as an inalienable right, and surveillance cannot be regarded as a mere necessity.

Numerous questions have been posed regarding the role of surveillance in modern societies. These issues include the appropriate thresholds that ought to be put in place for the collection of private information as well as the balance between civil liberties and security measures. There are also concerns regarding issues of accountability and oversight in regards to secret programs and the ethical implications of spying on the rest of the globe. Monitoring aspects that border on surveillance highlight the fundamental issues of civil rights as well as the delicate relationships between governments and private institutions. Indeed, calls for the reconsideration of the social aspects that govern the extent and conditions under which surveillance is carried out have exacerbated over the last few years. These calls for the regulation of internet monitoring are likely to alter the shape of the future technological landscape. Definitely, the debate concerning the use of&nbsp.encryption software by individuals, coupled with the right for anonymous speeches over the internet, is likely to become livelier. It is likely to take a substantial amount of time to sort out the likely detrimental effects that this revelation will introduce global cyberspace (Taylor, 2002).

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