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Homework answers / question archive /  There are certain criteria by which employees decide whether their jobs are on the level or not

 There are certain criteria by which employees decide whether their jobs are on the level or not


 There are certain criteria by which employees decide whether their jobs are on the level or not. Anyone of these criteria can derail the employer's efforts to motivate employees if it isn't right. The evaluative criteria of concern to employees are:

(1) Security - The majority of employees feel insecure, and these insecurities and fears can get in the way of their buying into motivational efforts. Industrial Psychologist Andrew DuBrin divides these fears and concerns into following broad categories:

(2) Commitment - To employees, most managers seem to lack commitment. The constant shifts of direction and reshuffling of priorities send an unintended signal that today's priority will be forgotten tomorrow. Some employees learn to 'wait it out' when they get instruction.

(3) Fairness - Employees are keenly aware that their managers have more authority than they do. Lacking the power to stick up for themselves, they are quick to perceive unfairness in the treatment they receive from those who do hold power.

(4) Respect - Employees feel respected only when they feel that their superiors take them seriously and have a genuine concern for the employee's desires. Supervisors who treat employees without respect hurt their self-respect. Self-respect is a prerequisite for self-awareness and self-awareness is the most important thing towards being a champion.

(1) Build (5) Development Opportunities - People have a very natural and healthy urge to accomplish things, to grow and develop. Sometimes their desires seem to be at odds with the goals of the organization.

(Hiam Alexander (1999) Motivating and Rewarding Employees, p.74 - 89)

Keeping in view the employee's criteria as discussed above, an employer may consider the following tips to constantly motivate the employees:

(1) Build a solid foundation for the employees so that they feel invested in the company. Tell them about the history of the company as well as its vision for the future and ask them about their expectations and career goals.

(2) Create a positive office environment that makes all employees feel worthwhile and important. Avoid playing favorites with the staff.

(3) Work with each of them to develop a career growth plan. If employees become excited about what's down the road, they will engage themselves better with the present work.

(4) Help employees improve their professional skills by providing training and in-house career development. Encourage them to attend seminars, workshops and educational classes paid for by the company. Employees may appreciate the fact that the company is investing in them.

(5) Acknowledge employee's contributions and boost their morale.

(6) Provide Incentives.

(7) Honor the promises made. Failure to do so will result in a loss of trust.

(8) Match tasks to talents. Assign individuals with tasks they would enjoy or are particularly good at. This would help improve an employee's confidence level.

(9) Don't forget the fun. Once in a while, put work aside and do something nice for the employees.

(10) Set an example.

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