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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 8 pages paper on is christianity a religion for women

Write a 8 pages paper on is christianity a religion for women


Write a 8 pages paper on is christianity a religion for women. While the mythologies, the traditions, the social concepts, and the cultural adaptations will vary, the basic belief system may have a different impact on women than does the sociological aspects.

The general environment for Judaic women in the first century within the Middle East was very oppressive. Issues of inheritance, betrothal, and divorce were all biased toward the males, and fathers and husbands held a lot of control over their daughters and wives. Everything that belonged to women belonged to their fathers until she was twelve and a half, including the right to betrothal. After that age, she could gain some freedom in her choices, but it was rare that a girl of this age would have survived without being betrothed until the age of consent in order to actually have consent. Women did not have much of a voice, at least through the traditions and legal system, in designing their life. However, the Judaic heritage includes a balanced point of view in regard to the sexes as witnessed in the commandments where it requires an individual to “honor your father and your mother (Exodus 20:12)” (Witherington 1992, p.5). As well, according to Witherington (1992), women were considered necessary within the home and held a position that promoted proper atonement for men. In other words, women were regarded with respect without the relevancy of the legal position that women held.

Within the New Testament, there is a very prominent presence of women who were there during the development of the foundation for the belief in Jesus as the savior of mankind. Mary Magdalene is mentioned nine times within the New Testament, and it is suggested through the way that she is always listed first and the nature of the attention that Jesus paid to her that she held a role of some importance in the movement that surrounds Jesus and within his life (Vander Velde 2000). There are three incidents of sinful women that are mentioned within the gospels.

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