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Homework answers / question archive / Chapter 16 Define and describe total cost of ownership

Chapter 16 Define and describe total cost of ownership


Chapter 16

Define and describe total cost of ownership. List at least 10 items to consider when determining a data center’s total cost of ownership.

Define and describe a capital expense. How are capital expenses different from operational expenses?

Define and describe economies of scale and provide a cloud-based example.

Define and describe “right sizing” as it pertains to cloud computing.

Define Moore’s law and discus how it might influence cloud migration.

Chapter 17

Compare and contrast functional and nonfunctional requirements and provide an example of each.

Discuss why a designer should avoid selecting an implementation platform for as long as possible during the design process.

Discuss various trade-offs a designer may need to make with respect to nonfunctional requirements.

Discuss why the system maintenance phase is often the most expensive phase of the software development life cycle.

Chapter 20

List and describe five ways you think the cloud will change the future of TV.

List and describe five potential uses for intelligent fabric.

List and describe five ways the cloud will influence the mobile application market, or vice versa.

Discuss the importance of HTML 5.

Discuss how the cloud will impact future operating systems.

List and describe three potential location-aware applications.

List and describe five ways intelligent devices may work together.

Each answer should be written in minimum of 4-6 lines. Research papers references are more preferred.

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