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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages thesis on the topic critics of alice walker's the abortion

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic critics of alice walker's the abortion


Write 5 pages thesis on the topic critics of alice walker's the abortion. The Reader-response criticism of the story “The abortion” by Alice Walker, however, provided a better view of my perceptions and beliefs on the topic of “abortion”.

Induced expulsion is done intentionally by parents themselves. It is done by using medicines to kill the fetus while the baby’s heart starts beating. It is either because parents do not want to have another child or they do not want a child at all. There are numerous procedures for induced abortion. However, the chosen process or way should be in accordance with the age of the fetus, laws and rules, service availability, and the coordination between doctor and patient about the chosen process (Surgery 2009). The most common medical reasons that are claimed to be strong and in favor of abortion include the struggle to save a woman’s physical and mental well being.

Induced abortion is “that brought on intentionally by medication or instrumentation” (The Free Dictionary by Farlex). But does this intentional act actually an individual and sovereign decision? Was Imran willing to undertake that abortion? Was it morally and ethically justifiable? The ethical reasons most people present often include the argument that their child is of less age and he or she needs more attention from the mother. But it is a crime and it is unfair means to avoid a child. The mother, often forcing herself into this decision, suffers a lot. Imani's immediate response to abortion was painful, torturing, and suffering. “She could not imagine being fine again” (p. 212). This is what happens to mothers due to their natural affection and love that they hold for their children. If the abortion was to save Imrani’s life or mental health, it has deteriorated anyways.

The story “The Abortion” by Alice Walker, is based on this brutal act of aborting one’s child. The incidents and scenarios provided in the story resemble the circumstances that one of my friends went through. She had a 7 months baby and she was pregnant again but her husband persuaded her to abort the child as their first child was still too young.

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