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Homework answers / question archive / Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on evaluation of aging issues

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on evaluation of aging issues


Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on evaluation of aging issues. The study confirmed that feeling relatively old is associated with numerous negative outcomes. Numerous studies show that feeling older is only a risk factor for bad outcomes when an individual holds less favorable attitudes towards old age. Subjective age varies without depending on the aging attitudes and induced changes in subjective age and aging attitudes can come together to influence an individual well being at old age.

I learned from the article that not only old people frequently feel differently than their real age, but the consequences of feeling older rely on individual subjective interpretation of aging. The individuals who have comparatively low favorable attitudes towards the older age experience the worst psychological outcome to a point in which they feel older, but individuals who feel more favorable attitudes towards older age do not. I believe that a person is only as old as he/she feels.

The article by Sit and Fisk explains that one of the best exemplars of mental activity was big and robust age-related difference has been found is multitasking. Older people have more difficulties in performing multitask, unlike the younger adults, both in relative and absolute cost. There is a general agreement concerning the robustness of the dual-task or divided effects but disagreement comes in with a mechanism that underlies age-related disparity in performance. Factors that influence dual-task performance includes relative complexity of single and dual tasks, the age-related difference in speed processing or general slowing factor, and the last is that older people have more difficulty than mid-aged people in the management and coordination of dual-task. An experiment was carried out to examine the performance of mid-aged and older adults in a dual-task environment. The results show that older adults show a bigger dual-task performance deficit than the mid-aged adults, the gap between the age relationship in dual-task performance comes down across the training trials, and the age related performance difference go up when the task emphasis condition was altered.

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