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Homework answers / question archive / A 28-year old female, mother of two, has come to the ER with a broken hip

A 28-year old female, mother of two, has come to the ER with a broken hip

Health Science

A 28-year old female, mother of two, has come to the ER with a broken hip. Upon questioning, she reports that she has been suffering with muscle weakness, forgetfulness and kidney stones. She had no real injury that lead to her broken hip, she just slipped and fell while she was walking in her house. Her doctors are alarmed after a scan of her bones reveals she has severe osteoporosis. The is very unusual for a woman her age. This prompts them to order blood tests which reveal high levels of calcium in her blood.Objectives to cover: Main issue for this patient?General functions of the endocrine system?The two kinds of hormones and how they affect target cells?Major endocrine glands, their hormones and the functions of those hormones?The specific hormonal pathway from hypothalamus to body tissues?The concepts of feedback loops and up and down regulation?Upstream causes?What physiologic process may explain her osteoporosis at such a young age? Based on the role of this hormone, what are the other potential effects? Explain the feedback process that is at work and if it is resulting in up or down regulation.Downstream effects:Explain in detail what will happen to her physiologically over time if she does not get treatment. Explain what will happen if she does get treatment.Hint: Start with a brief summary of the case in the center of your map. From here create 3 branches:upstream causes to the left,downstream effects to the right, and background toward the bottom (see template). From the background branch create sub branches for each objective. Continue to create smaller branches for details. Then add to your upstream and downstream branches. (Remember, this is a study tool, so the more information you include, the better!)

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