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Homework answers / question archive / Reflection Paper   Each student is required to create an independent, written project

Reflection Paper   Each student is required to create an independent, written project


Reflection Paper  

Each student is required to create an independent, written project. Each project will include the following requirements:

1.    Five to six typed pages with 12-point font, times new roman, double-spaced.  

2.    A well-developed argument or understanding of your topic. 

3.    Source citation in the body of the paper (footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical)

4.    Well written, accounting for grammar errors

5.    Personal/religious/moral reflection on the topic.

Students will choose an issue facing the American political system today and write about that issue, including how Christians or religious voices should or could respond to such issues or how a religious worldview affects how one deal with the political issue.  The issue should be well-researched, and a solid argument should be presented.  You may discuss how and why Christians or religious voices disagree on certain issues.  Students may focus on the American government or an aspect of government or politics.  For example, a student could write a paper regarding the ethics of political campaigns or our criminal justice system. Other issues could include abortion, immigration, environmentalism, etc.

You are welcome to consult as many outside sources as needed. Each paper should contain at least three sources, preferably from books or articles. Use internet sources with caution.  Never use Wikipedia as a source.  Make sure you cite your sources.  Do not plagiarize. 

Session 2

1.) The subject for this first Essay is " What is the primary mistake made by the United States in Handling the Pandemic?". This opinion paper should be backed up by one valid resource to support your viewpoint. A valid resource is not a "pop" magazine but can be a newspaper article, a journal, or a research paper. You must cite your reference in your essay and provide a reference page for your resource. This essay can be from 1-3 pages in length and allows for your personal opinion on the subject. 

2.) HMOs were effective in reducing costs, yet they were unpopular. How can we create a system that allows more flexibility and obtains the savings employers need to achieve? Remember the current system is not achieving the savings we need.

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