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Homework answers / question archive / Question 1 Prompt: Legal Drinking Age

Question 1 Prompt: Legal Drinking Age


  • Question 1
  • Prompt: Legal Drinking Age. Search for statistics and other information, such as legal variations among societies that relate to the legal drinking age. Take a stand regarding whether the legal drinking age should be lower. Report your position and provide substantiation, cite facts for your point, and refer to laws, policy, or an advocacy group that aligns with your stance.
  • Requirements: 250 words minimum initial post
  • Question 2
  • Prompt: The text mentions several types of crime, including street crime, vice crime, organized crime, white-collar crime, cybercrime, and juvenile delinquency. Compare and contrast two types of crime. State whether the crime is punishable, where it is likely to occur, and the method in which the crime is carried out.
  • Requirements: 250 words minimum initial post

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