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Homework answers / question archive / As children grow and change, so do their abilities

As children grow and change, so do their abilities


As children grow and change, so do their abilities. At each stage of development, children have increasing risks for injury. Read the developmental characteristics of each age range below. Decide what injuries might be most common for this age group. List precautions you would need to take to prevent injury. Pay attention to the age level of the children, complete every box and be thoughtful and detailed in your responses.



Common Injuries

Safety Precautions

Birth to 1 – Puts Objects in mouth


Birth to 1 -Increasing ability to move; scoot, crawl, roll over, walk.


Birth to 1 – Reaches and pulls up on objects


Birth to 1 Doesn’t understand “no”


13 months to 26 months - Puts objects in mouth to learn about them


13 to 36 months Increasing ability to move (walk, run, climb)


13 to 36 months - Reaches for and pulls up on objects (shelves, toys, other children)


13 to 36 months - Climbs (on climbing equipment and things not meant for climbing


13 to 36 months - Doesn’t understand the meaning of, and inconsistent yield to “no”


13 to 36 months - Begins to imitate adult behaviors


13 to 36 months - Investigates everything within reach


13 to 36 months - Curious about new things


13 to 36 months - Lacks impulse contro

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