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Warm-Up Activity 9


Warm-Up Activity 9.1: How to Prepare a Pamphlet A pamphlet is an format in which you can present select and concise information to improve knowledge levels, to change someone’s attitude toward a subject, to be used in conjunction with other interventions, to educate patients, their families and professionals, and to target specific populations. The Challenge in Preparing a Pamphlet Writing an effective pamphlet is challenging. You have a limited amount of space in which to provide information. This is where organizing and outlining becomes important. 1. Determine the key concepts. Your assignment will outline several or all points that need to be covered. 2. Use headings or subtitles to address those key concepts. 3. Put the key point first in the explanation for each section. 4. Properly cite your supporting resources just as you would do with a traditional paper. NOTE: Double-check with your Mentor to see if he or she will accept footnotes rather than a reference section for your pamphlet if it helps with readability of your information. 5. Graphics, photographs, charts and other illustrations need to be appropriate to the topic and audience. Creating a Pamphlet There are a number of software programs including Microsoft Publisher that are designed to create a variety of different written materials. But you can easily create your own using Microsoft Word. Depending on the version of Word that you may have, you can open a template and simply cut and paste your information into the template. Or you can search the Internet for a free template. But you can also create a simple pamphlet in Word by following these steps. 1. Open a new file in Word, name it and save it as you would any other assignment. 2. Go to PAGE LAYOUT>MARGINS>NARROW (1/2 inch) 3. Write your text and insert graphics 4. Go to PAGE LAYOUT>ORIENTATION>LANDSCAPE. Change to landscape – 11 x 8 ½ 5. Highlight text. 6. With text highlighted, go to PAGE LAYOUT>COLUMNS>THREE. Click and save. Your file now is a draft pamphlet that you now can review, revise and proof before you submit it to your Mentor for feedback. Simple Tips Effective pamphlets are those that present information that is organized, supported with valid research, and easy to understand. 1. Use short words and sentences. Keep your audience in mind. 2. Use quotes sparingly. As a general rule, quotes have value for emphasis if you cannot rephrase the information any better in your own words. 3. Use the active voice. “Families can provide support to children struggling with homework by”… rather than “Support can be provided by the family to children struggling with homework by...” 4. Be positive. “Families should” rather than “Families should not” Presentation Tips 1. Use a simple font and no less than 12 point (footnotes should be no smaller than 9 point) 2. Use the same font throughout. 3. Use color sparingly and for emphasis only. The same goes for underlining and italics. 4. Use white space effectively. If text is squeezed together, it is hard to read. Rather, take time to edit your information so that your key concepts are clearly and simply presented. Assignment This week you are to prepare a pamphlet that can be distributed at mental health clinics, public health centers, and physicians’ offices explaining the relationship between methamphetamine and mental health. Be sure to include the following in your pamphlet: A definition of methamphetamines, their most common form and usages How methamphetamines are abused Intoxication caused by methamphetamine use Long and short term effects of methamphetamine abuse Symptoms and methods of withdrawal from methamphetamine use Psychiatric illnesses association with methamphetamine use Different ways disorders co-occur with methamphetamine (e.g., self-medications vs. meth-caused mental disorder) Treatment options and prognoses for methamphetamine addiction Support your pamphlet with the sources you located in Week 8. In addition, provide two local community resources that deal with the problem of methamphetamine and mental health issues. Your pamphlet should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Be creative while reflecting scholarly writing and current APA standards.

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