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Open and save this to your computer as Condlastname, ex


Open and save this to your computer as Condlastname, ex. CondSmith Type your first and last name at the top of this page in the blank. Type each answer right after the question. Do not delete questions or directions Use the "Conditioning Help"handout found below this assignment on D2L Do not breviate the type of perust conditioning or the schedule PART ONE DIRECTIONS STEP ONE: For Part Oneindicate of the example is a form of OPERANT CLASSICAL conditioning. It can only be one or the other. Classical conditioning involves learning utomatic response and Operant conditioning involves learning a voluntary response. If you do not write classical or operant, you lose 5 pts from the assignment STEP TWO PRACTICE COMPLETING CLASSICAL CONDITIONING ANSWERS BY READING LESSON 74 AND WATCHING THE VIDEO LECTURES ON CLASSICAL CONDITIONING. Answers not written as demonstrate in the video lecture will carrer points, so be sure to watch the video CLASSICAL: For those answers that are classical conditioning, indicate the NS, UCS.UCR. CS, and CR in that order, down the pape with the answer following cach set of initials. It should look like this example from Pavlov's study... CLASSICAL NS. bell UCS - meat UCR alive CS-bell CR-salate STEP THREE: PRACTICE COMPLETING OPERANT CONDITIONING ANSWERS BY READING LESSON 75 AND WATCHING THE VIDEO LECTURES ON OPERANT CONDITIONING OPERANT. For those that we operant conditioning, indicate the type of perant conditioning POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT. POSITIVE PUNISHMENT, NEGATIVE PUNISHMENT it can only be one of the four). The best way to do this is to entify the consequence in the situation and put a box wound iter circle it. Then, underline the chair that scurto make that consequence happen (watch for time intervals) If the underlined statement does not lead the circled consequence, then the underlined section is incorrect STEP FOUR: WATCH THE VIDEO LECTURE ON SCHEDULES AND TERMS, and PRACTICE SCHEDULES Every sperant awer must have a full schedule of reinforcement. The possible schedules are FIXED RATIO, VARIABLE RATIO, FIXED INTERVAL OF VARIABLE INTERVAL To be a "full schedule the number if possible) and it (for interval schedules only. I weck) must be included. Here are examples of possible full schedules fixed interval 1 month or fixed ratio of 1 Variable at schedules will often not have a number, because it is unknown


1. One reason that people become addicted to cocaine is the fact that when they stop using it they feel the opposite of the good feelings that occur when they are on the drug pin, restlessness, depressed mood, fatigue, vivid and unpleasant dreams). The only way to make the bad feeling so wway is to take more or the drug

2. Your parents et curfew of 10:00 PM for you when you are in 10th grade. All that year, you always come home on time and never get into trouble while out with your friends. So the next year your parents take away the curfew.

3. Nhis has been going out with his friends to happy hours for the cheap drinks and food. He always drinks too much alcohol and then drives back to campus. After aber of times driving drunk. Nhis finally gets stopped by police and arrested for driving under the influence. The consequence is that he loses his license. 

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