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Homework answers / question archive / Last week watched the film Bend it Like Beckham

Last week watched the film Bend it Like Beckham


Last week watched the film Bend it Like Beckham. In class we addressed the 'moral of the story' and we discussed the article that you read for this module on the film. In your opinion, do you think the ending of the film demonstrates a universal desire to 'follow your dreams' OR do you think that this is Neo-colonialist ending that presents 'Western' dreams and pursuits as the most desirable? Be sure to provide an argument for which one you think is the correct interpretation AND explain why you think the other one is incorrect. You must use specific references to the film and particular scenes to support your discussion. 

Responses should be a minimum of 3-4 sentences in length (a short paragraph)and each response is worth 2%.

Film: Bend it like Beckham.

you need to find the film. Give reference and please follow APA style.

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