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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 4 pages paper on change of organizational culture case

Write a 4 pages paper on change of organizational culture case


Write a 4 pages paper on change of organizational culture case. The first step taken by the team in cultural change was the introduction of cultural change toolbox. These were all standard tools including detailed forms for organizational quarterly performance evaluations. There were many other tools including resource planning, talent reviews, learning forums, conference calls and HR processes.

The introduction of matrices, processes, programs and structures which were part of Home Depot cultural change were the main elements which added as a fuel in the company’s cultural change. These matrices quantified data on both sides of the equations i.e. the customer side and the employee side. On the customer side it was quantified in the form of feedback and customer perception about the stores and likewise on the employee side an HR process was introduced.

Donovan introduced a new performance management system lessening more than 150 employee forms to just three one page electronic documents. The new performance management was quantitative in nature rather than qualitative as it was before. It enabled the HR department and the managers to identify people with right skill set for the right job.

Other matrices like revenue, margins, inventory, cash flow relationship matrices and matrices for collaboration and decision making for managers were also presented which purposely simplified processes like merchandising, operations and the whole supply chain process.In the Processes part the two-hour Monday morning conference call by executives with individual reports.

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