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1.      Define electromagnetism.2.      How a freely suspended magnetic will align itself?

3.      Is compass needle a simple magnetic?

4.      Which effect of current was discovered by Oersted?

5.      How can we trace the magnetic field around a current carrying wire? Describe in detail.

6.      What is the advantage of using small compass needle?

7.      Which rule is used to identify the direction of magnetic field around the wire carrying current? Explain.

8.      How magnetic field lines show the strength of magnetic field?

9.      Will magnetic field be uniform everywhere around the wire carrying current?

10.  How can we increase the strength of magnetic field around the wire?

11.  What is solenoid?

12.  Draw a magnetic field of a solenoid?

13.  Why is the magnetic field inside the solenoid stronger than outside the solenoid?

14.   How can we enhance the magnetic field of a solenoid? Give three reasons.

15.  Since solenoid is an electromagnet, it has both North and South Pole. How can we identify the poles of Solenoid? Describe the rule.

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