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Homework answers / question archive / Rupali Navadiya Ginger Alms English 101 16 April 2021 Gun Control The controversy about gun rights in the United States goes back to the country's founding when the framers of the Constitution drafted the Second Amendment, which allows individual citizens to "keep and bear arms

Rupali Navadiya Ginger Alms English 101 16 April 2021 Gun Control The controversy about gun rights in the United States goes back to the country's founding when the framers of the Constitution drafted the Second Amendment, which allows individual citizens to "keep and bear arms


Rupali Navadiya Ginger Alms English 101 16 April 2021 Gun Control The controversy about gun rights in the United States goes back to the country's founding when the framers of the Constitution drafted the Second Amendment, which allows individual citizens to "keep and bear arms." Gun control became a much bigger issue after President John F. Kennedy was killed on November 22, 1963. I think that guns should be banned as there has been a serious increase in mass shootings. For the federal government to do so, certain modifications need to be made to the existing Amendment two. In this case, the government should sacrifice some of the individual rights of the citizens for the betterment of the United States as a whole. They should ban certain kinds of weapons such as handguns for the citizens' safety and they should also change the age requirement up to 30 years. Every issue has two sides. In the same way, some American citizens think that guns should not be banned as the right to bear arms has been given to all eligible citizens by the founding fathers. On the other side are the mass shooting survivors, families of gun shooting victims, or simply people who think that guns are a distraction and a key to violence. On, it is mentioned, “57% of people surveyed by Pew Research in Feb. 2013 said that gun control laws would "give too much power to the government over the people." Here, it can be seen that the people who are against gun control laws think that letting the government control who can own a gun is like giving the government the right to control whether a person has the right to speak or not. But, those people need to understand that when a citizen’s fundamental rights start to violate the basic rights of any other individual, the government has to step in. In an article by Business Insider, it is mentioned that there have been 307 mass shootings in the United States in 2018. The number is only for mass shootings and according to the FBI, a mass shooting is an incident in which four or more people, not including the suspect, are killed. As per the definition, there might have been many more shootings that killed people but were never seen on the news because they were not considered as intense. By looking at the statistics, I think that the only way to save innocent lives is by banning guns. I think that the presence of guns is making Americans more and more insecure, short-tempered, and violent. There are not any present National interest groups that are established to ban guns, but there are few groups whose main focus is to end gun violence. Those include Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, Giffords, and Americans for the Protection of Children. Those National Interest Groups would help advance the issue because their main focus is to stop gun violence. Also, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense is specially formed to stop school mass shootings. The above groups can help better convey the message to the lawmakers because they have been recognized as a National Interest group and have more voice. For the State of Illinois to introduce a bill. First of all, a member of Congress has to introduce it in the House. So, in this case, one of the representatives of Illinois has to introduce legislation that says that the Federal Government should ban guns. After approval, the legislation will be introduced in the Senate and then given a bill number and sponsor label. After that, it will be sent to the appropriate committee where the members can suggest changes, and then it will be put on the house and senate floor where the members will debate about whether or not the bill should be passed to the President to decide on whether or not to sign it. As everybody knows Amendment two has created a very controversial issue. Both sides of the issue hold very strong opinions. Many legislations have been introduced by members of congress. Some made their way up while many did not. Congress has not always passed the laws that served the best interest. There are many ways in which Congress can help reduce gun violence and may even ban them. According to an article by CNN, Congress, the federal, and the state government have suggested many steps to reduce gun violence by passing legislation that suggests raising the gun ownership age, banning AR-15 style weapons, stricter background checks, and banning bump-fire stocks. One way in which I can advance this issue is by creating more awareness amongst the people in my community. Also, I can come together with a group of people and consult our local representative to suggest legislation that either suggests banning guns or making stricter gun control laws. Another way, I can advance this issue is by holding rallies or marches in my community as well as in areas that have people who agree that guns should be banned. The Internet is also a great way to spread the message. I can create a social media page or a website that addresses the issue and gives some concrete statistics that would cause people to support the issue. As it is mentioned in the Constitution of the United States, all men have a right to bear arms. Bypassing laws that ban guns or make it harder to get a gun, the government is taking away some of the individual rights of people, but at the same time, those laws would make the United States a safer country. A country where students can go to school without fearing that somebody can walk into the classroom and shoot them in the head. Youth, on the other hand, are at a high risk of being victimized. Violent crimes accounted for 16.8% of all deaths for those aged 16–21 in 2017, which is higher than the next-highest risk ages while for 22- 27 aged is 12.7 percent and 8.4 percent for 28-33 aged. As per the statistics in 2019, the United States has the 32nd highest number of gun crime incidents in the country, at 3.96 deaths per 100,000 residents. This was nearly eight times higher than Canada's rate of 0.47 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants and nearly 100 times higher than the United Kingdom's rate of 0.04 deaths per 100,000. Background checks are required by law. Background checks should be more strict. However, they do not necessarily prohibit disqualified people from getting a gun. This is "why gun control is essential." Works Cited Diaz, Daniella. "5 things Congress could do on guns." CNN Wire, 26 Feb. 2018. Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints, HYPERLINK " 55"& HYPERLINK " 55"sid=OVIC HYPERLINK " 55"& HYPERLINK " 55"xid=ed1dcc55. Accessed 19 Apr. 2021. “Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted?” Gun Control, 7 Aug. 2020, “How a Bill Becomes a Law.”, Independence Hall Association, Final Persuasive Essay Assignment For your most recent essay, you researched a topic related to consumerism, advertising, culture, or personal identity. For this essay, you are arguing the opposite of what you just argued. This is probably going to be one of the most challenging assignments you've been given, since it most likely is not in line with how you feel about the issue. You are now playing the role of public defender in a court case. You are making sure your client (the opposing argument) gets a fair trial whether or not you agree that s/he is not guilty. This time around, you will find sources that help you to contradict your initial conclusion. In addition, you will choose sources that contradict, add tension, or examine additional perspectives. One of these might be a source you used in your previous paper. When you write your essay, you will use your voice to take a stand on your issue and support it using sources. You may reuse on or more of the sources you used in the previous essay. Your sources can be books, newspaper articles, magazine articles, articles from academic journals, government documents, or education (.edu) or organization (.org) websites. Make sure to include all sources in the Works Cited page. You must use a minimum of three credible sources. For this essay you must do the following: • Include a thesis statement that sets forth your issue clearly and concisely. • Analyze your issue in all its complexity with textual evidence from your other sources. Integrate quotations and paraphrased material properly and explain their significance. Include a counter-argument and a response to the counter-argument. Define/describe your term(s), if necessary. For instance, if you are going to focus on "rules vs. customs, "you will want to define those terms for readers. Use your sources-not a dictionary definition-to define your terms. Use at least three credible sources. Your essay should be between 4-5 pages and should conform to MLA style. It should have one-inch margins all around, must be double-spaced, must use parenthetical documentation, and must include a "Works Cited" page. Use Times New Roman, 12-point font. You must use a minimum of three credible sources. Grading Criteria Exceptional Skilled Proficient Developing Inadequate Makes a point/Claim: The text introduces a The text introduces a The text introduces the text contains an the text contains The text introduces a compelling claim that precise claim that is a claim that is unclear or emerging an unidentifiable clear, arguable claim is clearly arguable clearly arguable and arguable and takes claim that suggests a or vague claim. that can be supported and takes a takes an identifiable a position. vague position. by reasons and purposeful position position on an issue. evidence. on an issue. Introduction and The text provides an The text provides an The text provides The text provides an The text does not Conclusion: introduction that introduction that an introduction introduction that provide an The introduction contextualized the contextualizes the that contextualizes attempts to engaging contextualized the paper and paper and engages the paper and lays contextualize the introduction. The paper and immediately engages the reader. The out the claim. The paper. Then conclusion does immediately engages the reader. The conclusion connects conclusion conclusion, not provide a the reader. The conclusion connects back to the connects back to formalistically, satisfying sense of conclusion connects back to the introduction and the introduction connects back to the closure. back to the introduction and globalizes the claim. and attempts to introduction. introduction and globalizes the issue. globalize the issue globalized the claim. Development: The text has a a The text has an The text has a The text attempts a The text contains The text has a a structure and effective structure structure and structure and limited data and structure and organization that is and organization that organization that is organization to evidence to back organization that is carefully crafted to is aligned with the aligned with the support the position, up the claim carefully crafted to support the claim claim, consistently claim, providing providing data and and/or shows lack support the claim, consistently providing relevant data and credible credible evidence of understanding consistently providing providing relevant data and credible evidence from at from two to three of sources relevant data and data and credible evidence from at least least three credible sources. viewpoints. credible evidence from at least three three credible sources, from at least three other credible sources, credible sources. . sources. Counterargument The text addresses The text addresses the the text addresses The text addresses the the counterargument counterargument the counterargument fairly, responding in a fairly, responding in a counterargument, The text addresses the counterargument, The text does not properly address fairly, responding in a balanced, logical, and logical and credible responding attempting to the balanced, logical, credible way. way. logically and mostly respond with logic counterargument. credible way. balanced. and credibility. Audience: The text consistently the text anticipates The text considers The text The text lacks an The text anticipates addresses the the audience's the audience's demonstrates an awareness of the the audience's audience's knowledge level, knowledge level, inconsistent audience's knowledge level, knowledge level, concerns, values, and concerns, values, awareness of the knowledge level concerns, values, and concerns, values, and possible biases about and possible biases audience's and needs. possible biases about possible biases about the claim. The text about the claim knowledge level and the claim. The text the claim. The text addresses the specific The text addresses needs. addressed the specific addresses the needs of the the needs of the needs of the specific needs of the audience. audience. audience. audience Cohesion: The text strategically the text skillfully uses the text uses The text contains The text contains The text uses words, uses words, phrases, words, phrases, and words, phrases, limited words, few, if any, phrases, and clauses and clauses as well as clauses as well as and clauses as well phrases, and clauses words, phrases, as well as varied varied syntax to link varied syntax to link as varied syntax to to link the major and clauses to syntax to link the the major sections of the major sections of link the major sections of the text. link the major major sections of the the text. The text the text. The text sections of the The text attempts to sections of the text, creates cohesion explains the identifies the text. The text connect the claim to text. The text and clarifies the relationships relationship between connects the claim the evidence. does not appear relationship between between the claim the claim and reasons and reasons. The to attempt to the claim and reasons, and reasons as well as well as the text links the connect the between reasons and as the evidence. The evidence. The text counterclaims to claims and evidence, and text strategically links effectively links the the claim. evidence. between claims and the counterclaims to counterclaims to the counterclaims. the claim. claim. Style and The text present an The text presents a Conventions: engaging, formal and formal, objective The text presents a objective tone. The tone. The text formal, objective tone text intentionally demonstrates The text presents a formal tone. The text demonstrates standard English The text The text demonstrates a demonstrates a limited awareness of limited awareness tone. The text of or inconsistent that demonstrates standard English conventions of usage and mechanics and proper MLA format. uses standard English standard English conventions of usage conventions of usage and mechanics and and mechanics and proper MLA format, proper MLA format, conventions of usage and mechanics demonstrates some tone. The text accuracy in grammar demonstrate and mechanics. inaccuracy in grammar and mechanics Due Monday, May 10, by 11 a.m. Assignment 1: Read the Essay Prompt and write at least 3 pages of the essay for peer review. THERE IS ONLY ONE GRADED FINAL DRAFT, SO IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO VISIT THE WRITE PLACE WITH THIS PAPER BEFORE TURNING IT IN!

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