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Homework answers / question archive / Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses anti-politics machine

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses anti-politics machine


Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses anti-politics machine. The concept in its simplest terms implies that development agencies are not allowed to mingle or involve themselves with politics. As such, the concept emanates from the notion that development institutions are supposed not to interact with state politics. In the Thaba Tseka project, the project developers ignored the influence of the state. This always leads to project failure.

The development apparatus are the projects that are launched to help better the lives of people. Although these projects tend to systematically fail, they often lead to the expansion of bureaucratic control.

Neoliberalism can simply be taken to mean a state’s economic ideology which is based on the promotion of rational self-interest via the adoption of policies such as deregulation, privatization and globalization. In the Bovine Mystique, the government attempts to privatize pasture land.

The Thaba – Tseka project was founded on the assumption that the people were subsistence farmers and that they also lived in isolation majorly because they lacked a good road network. Another major assumption was that the Lesotho government is made up of benevolent leaders who only wish to upgrade and modernize their nation but they have inadequate technical knowledge and resources to accomplish their wishes and objectives. These three assumptions hence allowed the project to construct a road network so as to make it quite easy for the local population to transport their agricultural products, to educate farmers on how to shift from subsistence to commercial exporting of agricultural produce, and lastly, the project was meant to help the Lesotho government in its journey of properly administering development. For instance, during phase one of the project, the establishment of a road network that would link Thaba – Tseka to Maseru was a priority (p.76 anti-politics machine). As illustrated from phase one objectives, the project is focused on development purposes and as such is steering clear of politics.

These three assumptions tend to be mostly false. For example, more than a hundred years prior to the project, the Basotho people were grain exporters.

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