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Homework answers / question archive / We have approached the final component of the grant proposal

We have approached the final component of the grant proposal


We have approached the final component of the grant proposal. This portion of the proposal will be entitled, “Subjectivity & Aligning Culture with Sexual Awareness”. With grant proposals, addressing probable short and long-term solutions relative to the identified problem is a necessity towards beginning to impact change. Thus, this section will be focusing on a summary/conclusion for the proposal and the importance of facilitating cultural understanding relative to understanding mainstream culture and subcultures associated with sexuality.

Write a three-page paper addressing the following:

  • Inequality, at both individual and systems/community levels, will always be existent with a social issue or problem. Developing community understanding towards strengthening individuals, families, and groups impacted by negative factors associated with sexuality is important. Provide commentary specific to how biases, assumptions, and judgements perpetuate the problem of the increase in teen pregnancy rates and HIV/STD infections.
  • Discuss how Helping Communities Grow, LLC can facilitate a culture towards change in rectifying the matter of teen pregnancy and understanding the dynamics/characteristics relative to HIV/STDs and human sexuality (in general).

Minimum Sources: 3 I will need a rough draft and the actual assignment I don't need a outline.

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