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Homework answers / question archive / A large company is planning an advertising campaign for one of its soap products

A large company is planning an advertising campaign for one of its soap products


A large company is planning an advertising campaign for one of its soap products. A member of the marketing team suggested they conduct an initial survey to determine the current market share of this product. One hundred people were surveyed and twenty indicated they purchased the company's product.
The company then ran an advertisement for this same soap product. After the advertisement had been run for several months, the company conducted a second survey of another one hundred people. The participants were asked the following two questions and their responses recorded.
? Do you recall seeing the advertisement about this soap product?
? Have you purchased this soap product?
The results of this survey are provided in the following file survey.xlsx where the variable names are 'Recalled' and 'Purchased'.
a. Estimate the company's market share based on their initial survey before the advertising campaign. Explain why this an estimate of their market share only and not the "exact" or actual value.
b. Generate a two-way pivot table (Recalled by Purchased) to summarise the survey data and include it with your assignment submission.
Use the data in the table from part b. to answer the following questions.
When defining the probabilities for each question use the following notation:
R represents the event 'the person recalled seeing the advertisement' and
P represents the event 'the person purchased the product'.
Tip: Take care when interpreting the counts in the pivot table given the response to both questions is yes/no. You will need to check which variable you have chosen as the row label and which as the column label.
c. Is there evidence that the company's market share has increased since the advertising campaign? Explain your reasoning, with reference to an appropriate probability.
d. What is the probability a person buys the soap product if the individual recalls seeing the advertisement?
e. Is there evidence that seeing the advertisement increases the probability of an individual purchasing the product? Explain.
f. As a member of the marketing team, state your reasoning in determining your recommendation as to whether the advertising campaign should be continued. Explain.

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