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Homework answers / question archive / In this course, you will have multiple module activities that allow you to build a final project to be presented in module 8

In this course, you will have multiple module activities that allow you to build a final project to be presented in module 8


In this course, you will have multiple module activities that allow you to build a final project to be presented in module 8. This final project will be in a video format similar to a TED talk. You will need to gather information and create an organized, informative and convincing presentation on one aspect of climate change that is impacting the U.S. and the world.

Here is a list of the acceptable climate change issues you can choose from:

  • Climate change and its impact on:
  • Rising sea levels and coastal communities
  • Hurricanes
  • Wildfires
  • Agriculture and food (changes in water levels, drought, shifting growing seasons, etc.)
  • National security
  • The available the quality and quantity of fresh potable water
  • Melting arctic ice
  • Human health
  • The U.S. economy
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Ecosystems such as coral reefs
  • If you want to examine another aspect of climate change, please contact your instructor for prior approval before submitting this assignment.

Completing this activity will assist you in mastering Module Level Outcomes 1-4.

First, read all the assigned material and view the videos so you are effectively prepared to select a topic and present a proposal.

Next, submit the following:

This assignment should be 1-2 pages in length.

  • Title of your presentation (working version so this can change)
  • The topic proposal paragraph should be 4-5 sentences that describe the specific aspect of climate change you will be examining and why you think this is important.
  • A short list of the causes and results this presentation will examine.
  • A short list of efforts underway or proposed to alleviate this issue.
  • At least two references in APA style for sources that will be informative in writing your article. Use the EC library or Google Scholar to locate these academic sources. Do not use Encyclopedias, Dictionaries except for basic definitions. Avoid Wikipedia or blog-type, opinion-based sources. Academic sources should be scientific reports, government, national or international, and professional organizations or peer-reviewed scientific research articles. You can ask the librarians for assistance on researching your topic.

Do not forget to include in-text citations and complete?APA?style references for all sources.

NS110 Module 2 Assignment Example M2.5 Assignment Example This Example uses a topic that is not on your list so you can see what your works should look like. Title: How Climate Change is impacting the insect population of the U.S. Topic Proposal: The warming climate has a significant impact on the insects that can survive and thrive in the U.S. Rising greenhouse gasses are creating changing weather patterns such that areas of the U.S. are experiencing warmer weather earlier in the year and lasting longer. The shifting rain patterns also have an impact on the types of insect populations that can survive in various areas of the country. This is evident in states along the Gulf coast, where mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus have been found. In agriculture as well the impact of shifting insect pest populations has had a serious impact. Efforts are underway to combat these threats but it is unlikely that the country can prevent the rise of new infectious and pest insects completely. Causes to be examined: Rising average temperatures, changes in rain patterns, rising sea levels, Results to be examined: new insect species being found, infectious health hazards and threats to food crops or ecosystems Efforts to mitigate this problem: Use of Genetically Modified insects and crops, changing human behavior, changing crops being grown References: Dukes, J.S. et. Al. (2009). Responses of insect pests, pathogens, and invasive plant species to climate change in the forests of northeastern North America: What can we predict? Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 39 (2): 231-248. Retrieved from García-Robledo, C., Kuprewicz, E.K., Staines, C.L.,Erwin, T.L., Kress, J., (2016). Limited tolerance by insects to high temperatures across tropical elevational gradients and the implications of global warming for extinction. PNAS, 113 (3) 680-685; downloaded from: httpp://

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