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Homework answers / question archive / Advanced Computer Graphics Project 2 Fall 2022 Due: Nov

Advanced Computer Graphics Project 2 Fall 2022 Due: Nov

Computer Science

Advanced Computer Graphics

Project 2

Fall 2022

Due: Nov. 13


You will add a geometric object (with triangle mesh) in your ray tracer from Project 1. In this project, you will need to do:

  1. Download or create a geometric object (not too complex) from online resources.
  2. Load the object file and add it to your virtual scene in Project 1 through correct geometric transformation. You may remove one or two balls but please keep the walls.
  3. Render the new scene with local shading.



.OBJ format of 3D models is easier to operate with, and you can find source code of obj loader.


Ray-triangle intersection function is available in Triangle.cpp



This project assumes independent work only. You cannot directly use existing codes from others or online, but you can have discussion with others on coding. Canvas discussion board can be utilized.

Submission Requirement: Deadline is firm!

(1) At the due date, you should share your whole code package on Canvas. It should be directly run on MS Visual Studio. You need also include a readme file to explain your code and how to run it.

(2) You should include your resultant image(s) in your submission!

Credit and Evaluation

Implementing all the requirements will give you full credits at 100 points.

The code and submitted images will be used to evaluate your results. Codes from students will be randomly checked in full details.

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