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Project 3


Project 3. Choose a country other than the United States and an event in that country within the past six months that addresses freedom of speech/expression or freedom of the press. In a 500-word essay: 1. Explain the event, including who, what, where and when; 2. Describe how freedom of speech/expression or freedom of the press apply; 3. Explain how freedom of speech/expression or freedom of the press is weighed with government interests, and 4. Pay attention to good writing, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, organization, brevity and details. This project focuses on the right of free speech/expression or free press in another country. In grading your projects, I'll focus on: 1. How thoroughly and clearly you describe your event (25 points). 2. How freedom of speech/expression or press specifically apply to your case (40). 3. How persuasive you are in explaining the balance between freedom of speech/expression or freedom of press and the government's interests (40). 4. Your writing style, including grammar, spelling, punctuation and details (15). 5. Sources (5). 6. Word count. Five points each will be deducted if the word count is not posted and if the word count in less than 490 words or more than 510.

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