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SecureIT, Inc


SecureIT, Inc., a small computer security contractor, provides computer security analysis, design, and software implementation for commercial clients. Almost all of SecureIT work requires access to classified material or confidential company documents. Consequently, all security personnel have clearances of Secret or Top Secret. Some have even higher clearances for work involving so-called black box security.

While most of the personnel information for SecureIT resides in database systems, they maintain a basic employee workbook for quick calculations and ad hoc report generation. As a small company, SecureIT can take advantage of Excel’s excellent list management facilities to satisfy many of its personnel information management needs. SecureIT provided a sample workbook, Employee_Data.xlsx, for you to produce several worksheet summaries.


  1. Create a list sorted by last name and hire date. Call this worksheet “Hire”.
  2. Use a custom sort to list by department in this order: Marketing, Human Resources, Management, Engineering, and Accounting. Total the salaries by department and the grand total of all departments. Call this worksheet “Salaries”.
  3. Use a filter to show only those employees in the Engineering department who have top secret clearance (TS). Call this worksheet “Top Secret”.
  4. Use a custom filter to display those employees born between 1960 and 1975 (inclusive). Call this worksheet “Birth”.
  5. Create a pivot table that shows average salary by gender within the department. Call this worksheet “Gender”.

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