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Homework answers / question archive /  submit a term paper on Analysis of Showing Magical Realism in Different Stories

 submit a term paper on Analysis of Showing Magical Realism in Different Stories


 submit a term paper on Analysis of Showing Magical Realism in Different Stories. Your paper should be a minimum of 1750 words in length. Literature works like magic because a good writer engages his or her readers and lets them forget for a while their own problems, and get so absorbed with the story and characters. Like magic, literature can suspend disbelief and makes anything possible. A good writer also can impart lifelong lessons into the story, like the very famous Aesop's fables. Literature has many forms, called a genre. Among these are fiction, fairy tales, short stories, full-length crime novels, poetry, non-fiction, and autobiographies, to name just a few. Some genres can fade away from popular culture, while other genres gain traction and be the favorite of readers for quite a period of time, creating a new trend in literary writing. However there are also some literary forms which stand the test of time, and become literary classics. A few of these literary works stand out among the rest, and persist throughout many generations. Good writers employ a variety of literary devices to enhance their storytelling. one of these is the trope, which is figurative language used to amplify the theme of a story and trigger in the readers a heightened realism, in which even magical circumstances and situations can acquire a realistic sense of these had actually happened. in other words, to suspend disbelief. Discussion There are also several sub-genres within a certain literary genre. In the case of fiction there is fantasy literature, in which pure fantasy of myths and legends are mixed with themes of a fictional story to create a compelling motif. An example are children's stories, of which a big portion of them are made up of fantasy, with characters totally made up by the creative imagination of the writer. Despite being fantasy literature, these stories have a high believable quality in them, because these stories employ a technique known as magical realism.&nbsp.

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