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What are the Usual Struggles of Students in Doing Their Thesis? (Solution is Here)
  • Apr 2022
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What are the Usual Struggles of Students in Doing Their Thesis? (Solution is Here)

5th April 2022

Thesis writing is a completely different field of academic writing where students are required to write their thoughts and improvise the thoughts so that the professors can grasp their abstract elements. While writing a good thesis, many students may face different problems or obstacles and may feel a need to opt for thesis writing help.

Before addressing the struggles of thesis writing and answering every student's question about 'how, do I write my thesis,' let us give you an overview of what a thesis is.

Thesis Writing

A thesis is essentially a document submitted to back the candidature for any academic degree or professional qualification. It presents the research and findings of the author. A good thesis distinguishes between thoughtful research and mere restatement of facts.

Thesis writing is a research activity written by students seeking their college degrees. It consists of an argument, or sometimes, a series of arguments combined with the description and discussion of the research undertaken by you. According to an expert thesis tutor and thesis guide, there are five main components of writing a good thesis that require a thesis writer's attention- an introduction chapter, literature review, methodology chapter, result chapter, and conclusion chapter.


Attributes of a Good Thesis

The thesis must be written in the correct and coherent language while using appropriate writing styles. A good thesis is always written in a suitable formal academic style. Besides that, the thesis writers should give a logical and visible structure and development that assists the readers in understanding the agreement that is presented in the thesis at all times.

The thesis writing help experts recommend writing the text in clear and simple language such that the language does not obscure your main argument.


How do I Write my Thesis -

Process for writing a good Thesis

Writing a thesis is a process that requires you to dedicate a lot of time, energy and willpower to create a good thesis that represents your arguments efficiently. Many thesis tutors and thesis writing help experts will agree that writing a good thesis is not always easy, but there is a thesis guide available that can make it a little less painful.

Think of it this way: if I am a thesis writer trying to write my thesis for making a strong argument with all the facts and research, I need to make sure that I follow a thesis guide and plan out my process for writing a good thesis.

Before you start articulating the content of your thesis, here are some general yet important steps, according to thesis writers, that you should follow-

1. Plan your project -

Thesis writing helps professionals, and thesis help experts recommend that you should give yourself the luxury of being extensive with your thoughts and pen them down in a creative way. In the earlier stages of thesis writing, you should do your research, brainstorm, and map down the information collected and your thoughts on it in the form of a mind map or infographic. This will keep the process of thesis writing enjoyable and stimulating for you.


2. Prepare a thesis proposal -

A thesis proposal is a contract between yourself and your professor or committee that states that you have proposed a viable and defensible project to be completed in a reasonable amount of time. The thesis tutor suggests that a general proposal should include the following attributes-

· Title

· Literature Review

· Statement of problem or argument

· Set of questions or statements that will guide your research

· Some background information

· Methodology used for research

· Table of contents for the proposed thesis

· Tentative timeline for completing remaining requirements


3. Choose a Thesis Format

There are highly specific requirements for the format of any thesis. Thesis writing help experts recommend that you begin your process with a properly formatted document as it will help you save a lot of energy and headaches at the end of the process.


4. Writing the Thesis

While some departments offer you the liberty to use non-traditional thesis formats for your assignments, the traditional thesis formats are still widely prevalent and used in academic submissions. There are two types of traditional thesis formats that you might be made to choose from-

A. Monograph Thesis - Monograph is a standard thesis that resembles a book containing interlinking chapters of Introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, and a conclusion. These typical thesis writing formats are usually 150 to 300 pages long.

B. Sandwich Thesis (Thesis by Publication) - According to thesis writers and thesis tutors, a thesis by publication or a sandwich thesis is an assemblage of relevant research papers accepted and put forward for publication in research journals. These papers are linked through practical or theoretical connections that encompass the research. A sandwich thesis can amount to any number of papers, but generally, the number is restricted between three to seven.


5. Decide the Length of the Thesis

Thesis writers and thesis tutors suggest that it is a general rule for a doctoral students to restrict their thesis to a maximum page limit of 300, while the page count of a thesis for Master's students should be within 200 pages.


Getting Started with the Writing -

There is a tendency for students to treat the thesis as a means to an end. This is unfortunate as writing a good thesis is an exceptionally creative activity for interestingly illustrating your research and reflecting your intellect with the way you draft your thesis. This is why the thesis help experts state that students must give equal importance to deciding when, where, and how to write their thesis.

1. When to Start Writing

The best time to start writing a thesis would be as soon as possible! For academic writing, the task of reading, writing, thinking, and analyzing data should go simultaneously. If you sit and wait for some 'inspiration to strike' or for a 'right time,' it may never come along, and you might never start writing your thesis. Make it a rule of thumb to start writing your thesis as soon as you have collected your facts and sources, planned your structure, and had an initial discussion with your superior.

2. Where to Start Writing

Writing a good thesis is not going to be a linear process. You do have the liberty of starting with any chapter that you have comprehensive resources for. The first chapter you write does not have to be an introduction; many thesis writers, thesis tutors, and thesis help experts advise against beginning the thesis writing process with an introductory chapter. This is for the simple reason that many aspects of your content will change as you go on brainstorming for later chapters and make your arguments; this will lead you to waste time constantly changing and rephrasing your introductory chapter.

Hence, the thesis guide suggests that students start their thesis writing process from wherever they are most comfortable. The literature review is often a good starting point for thesis writing as students can work on the section while gathering information for other sections.

3. How to Write

The rule of thumb is to write like an academic. Thesis help experts say that it is essential to treat academic writing as a genre, as it will allow you to have more clarity about writing a good thesis. Academic writing as a genre is expressed through clarity, objectivity, and precision while using specialist terms and a language that is well defined for the readers. Your goal should be to come up with clear arguments sustained by strong evidence.

How to Overcome Thesis Writing Struggles

Some of the most commonly identified students' struggles while writing a good thesis are lack of direction, time management, improper structure, and vaguely done research. Following steps can be taken to overcome the struggles of thesis writing.

1. Do planned research - You must pen down all your research in mind maps or connective diagrams. This will help you identify the missing information and accordingly plan your content. Also, make it a point to start putting your researched text into a draft thesis framework to ease the sorting and access information when needed.

2. Time management - Time management is a vital part of writing a good thesis. Though writing a thesis initially feels like a slow burner, time will catch up to you quickly, and the deadline will be around the corner before you realize it. This is why don't procrastinate on structuring your information; start drafting as soon as you have enough content available.

3. Take help from your friends - A smart way to get early feedback on what needs to be improved is by showing it to your friends who have an idea about your subject or topic of research. You may also reach out to thesis guides, thesis tutors, and professional thesis writers. Many colleges have writing clubs or centres with student guides and tutors available to review and comment on your work. Once you get feedback, take time to reflect on the comments and decide your course of action.

4. Language - Most students mistake using very heavy language to confuse the readers or using very sluggish and trendy words. Thesis writing is a part of academic writing that needs to be written with clarity, precision, and ease of understanding. Students should keep the language simple but use specialist terms related to their research topic.


Still, Struggling with Thesis Writing?

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