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How To Choose 11 Plus Tutors? 8 Important Tips
  • May 2021
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How To Choose 11 Plus Tutors? 8 Important Tips

6th May 2021

Tutoring helps in strengthening your child’s comprehension and academic performance. It also boosts their confidence as they don’t get left behind in class. Your child can also have more advantages in class as tutoring helps with improving your child’s motivation to study too.

However, you don’t just choose anyone to mentor your child. A tutor should also meet your child’s learning needs to ensure that you get the best results. To help you find the right tutor for your child, here are some tips.


Remember, a tutor will be sharing his or her knowledge with your child. That said, one of the first things you should check when choosing a tutor is their qualifications.

The right tutor must have knowledge in the field. This way, they know what they’re teaching to your child to help with your child’s academic performance. But, their prior knowledge in the field is just one of the many things you should look for.

Another thing you need to take a look at is their criminal records. Of course, they will be spending time with your child.

And depending on the agreed location and method, your child might even attend one-on-one tuition in your chosen tutor’s home. Thus, London tuition specialists highly recommend parents to check a tutor’s background. Luckily, you can easily do that by ensuring that a tutor is CRB checked.

Your child’s tutor shouldn’t only be knowledgeable. You also need to ensure that your child is safe in their hands even when no one else is around.

Teaching Methods

Every child is different. Not only do they have different personalities, but they also have unique learning styles and pace. That said, a certain learning style might work for your kid, but it may not for others.

Not all tutors have the same teaching methods either. Just as how your child is unique, teachers have their own ways of teaching too.

That said, it’s also important that you have an idea of what methods your chosen tutor will use to help your child. This way, you’re sure that the tutor can give your child the support that he or she needs.

A good tutor should know how to assess your kid’s strengths and weaknesses first. Then he must know how he can tailor the lessons based on your child’s capabilities too. And if your kid has special needs, you should choose a tutor that has experience in the field and knows the right way to approach your child’s special needs.


Your child’s tuition time can affect his or her learning too. Depending on the time of the day there may be distractions that could divert your child’s attention away from his or her lessons. This, of course, could affect their learning.

Thus, as you choose a tutor for your child, don’t forget to ask what time the tutoring will take place too. Make sure that the time slot is convenient for your child, as well as for the whole family. This way, your child will feel happier and more relaxed rather than feeling anxious about running late to his lessons or surrounded by stressed members of the family.

Place of Session

The location where the tuition will take place is crucial too. Most tutors prefer to teach in the comfort of their own home, especially if they tutor individually. Needless to say, this kind of setup will require your child to personally go to their tutor’s place.

There are also those who are willing to come to your home.  Regardless of the tutor’s preferred place for lessons, they might come with disadvantages too.

If your child is still young, going to their tutor’s home for lessons might make them feel a bit uncomfortable. If the lessons take place in your local village hall, your child might not get enough attention that he or she needs. And if your chosen tutor is willing to come to your home, you’ll need to prepare some budget as some tutors may charge more for it.

That said, when choosing a tutor, don’t forget to ask where the lessons will take place. This way, you can find a place that is convenient and comfortable for you and your kid.


Tutors offer different prices for their services. And their fees depend on the location, time, and level of their expertise. And knowing how much your chosen tutor’s services is important as this will help you decide. Additionally, this will help you agree on their chosen location too.

Location of Tutor

Again, some tutors are willing to go to their students’ homes. However, they might charge more for doing so, and sometimes, the amount may depend on their location. So, see where they’re located too.


Sitting in on a tutoring session is very helpful for parents to get to know their child’s tutor very well. This lets you see with your own eyes how your chosen tutor works in bringing out the best in your child. Additionally, this will help you see their attitude towards your child, especially when your child experiences challenges during lessons.

That said, when choosing a tutor, you should also as if they welcome parents to sit in on their tutoring session. A good tutor will not hesitate to let you do it as they understand that it is for your child’s benefit too.

Your support as a parent is vital for your child’s academic success as it encourages achievement in numerous ways. That said, one of the ways you can provide support is by sitting in on your child’s assessment and/or tutoring session provided that your child feels comfortable.


Also, make it a point to see how they give their feedback to your child too. A good tutor should encourage your child the right way without making him or her feels down. They should also ensure giving structured feedback so your child will know where and how they can improve.

Tutoring sessions help kids a lot. But, for you to get the right results you need, you’d have to choose your child’s tutor well by getting to know them and how they work.



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