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Read the initial posts of the other learners and respond to two


Read the initial posts of the other learners and respond to two. In each response, ask for clarification of anything that is unclear in the learner’s post or offer suggestions for overcoming any challenges the learner faces.
Student post down below:

In writing the grant for the Westchester Jewish Community Services, Center Lane Program, there will need to be many departments charged with assisting in the process. The Program Director and the Assistant Executive Director will be charged with program implementation and goal setting. In addition, they will reach out to community partners to discuss signing the memorandums of understanding. The Quality Assurance department will be charged with program evaluation and creating evaluation tools and reporting mechanisms that will be discussed in the grant. The fiscal department will be charged with completing the budget for the grant submission. Finally, the development department, specifically the grant writer will be charge with collecting data and completing the grant writing and submission.

The resources needed to write the grant are company hours and time from the many departments. In addition, the agency will need board approval to assist in funding the program and supporting the grant interagency. The deliverables of the grant include: Capacity building amongst community partners

Training and build the capacity for transitional living programs that support youth living on their own who are LGBTQ

Develop a training curriculum to present to all providers who will support the program in the community

The planning team feels that this grant is a good fit for the agency and there is a high probability that WJCS will be awarded the grant, as we are the only provider of LGBTQ services for youth within Westchester. In addition, WJCS is successful in training and capacity building for schools, community based programs and other providers working with the youth in the LGBTQ community. From a funder’s perspective, it is reasonable to look for projects that have the potential to continue the work into the future (Coley 2016),

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