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Write an essay on the prompt of your choice


Write an essay on the prompt of your choice. Minimum curiosity score is 75. Cite your sources. Make sure to check your gradebook / email in case your post is moderated. If so, fix it before the deadline.

A) How do the accusations against Socrates relate to “structural / institutional prejudice”? What is the essence of Socrates’ defense in “The Apology”? How does he react to the verdict? What life lessons (e.g. about the meaning of life) do we find in his response to his death sentence?

B) Socrates said: "A good and honorable citizen is someone who befriends another who also is of a good and deserving nature and teaches him what he knows about the good." Fact: We make first impressions (judgments) about people within a few seconds to a few minutes, and we determine trustworthiness within 100 milliseconds (an eye blink). Given this, How important is your first impression of someone else? How likely are you to write off someone based on your first impression? What's your track record for trusting others? For what reason do we form (non-romantic) relationships with others? How is this related to the moral development levels of both individuals? What internal criteria (beliefs/values/attitudes & moral development) and what external criteria (the other person) helps you recognize—or prevents you from recognizing—"good and honorable" people—or mistakenly trusting the wrong sort of person? Are you really able recognize someone with the potential to make a significant, positive impact on your life? How does your own moral development factor into this recognition?

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