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My business is Fast Food Restaurant


My business is Fast Food Restaurant.

1. Exploring Online: 14-10...A through G.

14-10: Identify a franchise through an online search that is similar to one you might want to create. (Select one that is closest.) Answer the following:

A. What is the franchise? What does is sell?

B. Why are you interested in it?

C. What is the franchise fee?

D. What are the start up costs?

E. What is the royalty fee?

F. Describe the training the franchisor offers to the franchisees.

G. Describe the marketing the franchisor provides for the franchisees.

2. Internet Assignment: Research at least two (2) franchises that closely relate to your business type. Compare these franchises and discuss the differences in a summary report. ( Royalty fees, training, financing issues, etc.) Detail is important here!

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