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Homework answers / question archive / Define larceny and burglary

Define larceny and burglary


Define larceny and burglary. How are they different from each other? How are they different from robbery

Discuss the conceptual difficulty in defining white collar crime

Imagine you are a security consultant for a large department store. Explain how you would target shoplifters. Include specific information about the psychological and demographic character of shoplifters.

Other than alcohol, which drug in your opinion has the strongest association with crime? Support your answer by describing the drug and its effects as well as the available research.

Explain the psychological effects of burglary on victims. How do some burglars deliberately increase these negative effects?

Compare and contrast cyberstalking and cyberbullying. How do you think these crimes differ from bullying and stalking?

What is the distinction between pedophilia and child sex offending

Describe the psychological effects of child sexual victimization.



theres only 8 questions

Make sure to put references under every questions after you cite them

ex: how are you? Answer: im good

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