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I need some assistance with these assignment


I need some assistance with these assignment. is unity among christians important Thank you in advance for the help! Today, many Christians follow the footsteps of St. Paul, preaching unity, while some cherish the freedom that the division provides. The question is: is unity among Christians important? Is reunion possible among the various Christian churches? This essay seeks to answer this question. Discussion The Christian church has faced the threat of schism even in the apostolic era. The struggle for position of authority was known among the apostles even when Jesus Christ was with them. After his ascension, the early church struggle with the interpretation of the gospel. Thus struggle for power and doctrinal conflicts are the foundation of division among Christians. Given that these two factors are human, it will be very difficult to achieve unity among Christians as long as the churches are run by humans. The major obstacle to unification of churches is the lack of license of religious opinion that will follow such unification (Smith, 1912). This obstacle follows from the two factors responsible for disunity among Christians. In a modern society like ours, where freedom is cherished, most individuals will like to interpret the Bible in their own way in addition to assuming leadership position.

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