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Homework answers / question archive / School Work assignment Oct 4, 2021   Instructor: Dr

School Work assignment Oct 4, 2021   Instructor: Dr


School Work assignment

Oct 4, 2021


Instructor: Dr. Charmaine Perkins

Office hours: Thursdays after class (and by appointment)

Room: N3454





Crim 2252 Fall 2022 Academic Referencing Assignment Within the academic community, it is important to properly cite sources and acknowledge those whose ideas/information (whether they are texts or images) you use to avoid plagiarism. Whether intentional or not, it is your responsibility to give credit where it is due. NOTE: Complete this assignment on a separate page. It is worth 10% of your grade. I have provided a variety of sources (see syllabus as well) to assist you in avoiding plagiarism, and this assignment is designed to assist you in this process.

You are to use APA 7th edition. Watch the video on the link below. See the following resources for assistance: Review the following on how to paraphrase effectively: rizing/paraphrasing.html


Take this tutorial/test to make sure you are on the right track:


 Reminders: • Whether using a quotation or paraphrased material, you need to include the source, date, and page number. • Avoid patch-writing, a form of plagiarism: writing that combines your own writing and exact words/phrases from your source. If a paraphrase is too close to the original, and where you have simply substituted words (for example, using a thesaurus), it is best to use quotation marks. Be sure to distinguish between ideas from your source, your summary of those ideas, your interpretation of the ideas which is likely a paraphrase. • It is good practice to use a signal phrase to introduce a quote: this is a phrase or clause that provides context for the quote so that it does not simply stand on its own.


Here is a helpful source: •

Paraphrasing involves putting source material in your own words, re-stating and interpreting the original. You still need to provide appropriate citation such as which source, the date, and page number. Note that you cannot simply place the citation at the end of a paragraph. • Summarizing involves condensing the main points/ideas of your source and is often shorter and abbreviated explanation. Because you have borrowed these ideas from a source, you still need to provide appropriate citation as indicated above. The following exercises have been provided for you to practice your citation skills



1. Source/textbook: Deviance & Social control, 3rd edition, (2021) by Inderbitzen, M., Bates, K. A., and Gainey, R. G. SAGE Excerpt/Original taken from page 149:


 A study by Inderbitzen (2007) focused on boys in a juvenile prison who held deeply to the idea of the American Dream but had few legitimate means to achieve it. The decline of manufacturing jobs and their replacement with low-wage and unskilled work has made it difficult for young men, particularly those with poor educations, to be successful. The ongoing racism experienced by minorities in the labor market imposes an additional barrier to economic success through legitimate means. As such, the loss of viable work for young, poorly educated minority males seems inextricably linked to their criminal behavior. Committing crimes for profit can help such young men meet their financial needs and counter threats to their self-perception as competent men.


 a) Spot/Identify the problem(s) with this paraphrase and fix it.


Attempting to achieve the American Dream is challenging for poorly educated minority males who lack legitimate means.





b) Your turn:

You now summarize the excerpt by using a signal phrase and paraphrase the quote, using proper citation. You need to capture the meaning or the gist of the main ideas of the quote in more than 1 sentence. Include words and phases that require the use of quotation mark


















2. Source/academic journal: Youth crime and depictions of youth crime in Canada: Are news depictions purely moral panic by Jennifer Silcox (2022). The journal is Canadian Review of Sociology, volume 59 (1), pages 96-114. (Find the doi when you create the reference list)


Excerpt/Original taken from page 111: Since much of the knowledge individuals in the Western world have regarding crime and criminality comes from mass media, the steady stream of sensationalistic representations of crime littered throughout newspapers could leave the public with the perception that crime is increasingly random, violent and prevalent within society, regardless of actual (and contextualized) crime statistics.

Although the number of news articles on youth crime varies, to some extent, with the incidence of youth crime, the content of those articles too often does not reflect reallife trends. Rather, during moral panics, newspapers report that crime is on the rise and youth are out of control. The result is a distorted picture. Because this picture is gendered and racialized, these depictions reproduce social inequalities, and exacerbate racial tensions and gender biases. The general public is left with the impression that youth crime is violent, on the rise, and that racialized youth and young women are particularly dangerous. These impressions are arguably erroneous and harmful.


a) Spot/Identify the problem(s) with this paraphrase and fix it. The news media creates moral panics about youth crime and portrays youth as out of control, violent, and dangerous.


The media causes irrational panic, targeted towards the youth, painting a picture of youths being “out of control, violent and dangerous”


b) Your turn: You now summarize the excerpt by using a signal phrase and paraphrase the quote, using proper citation. You need to capture the meaning or the gist of the main ideas of the quote in 1-2 sentences. Include words and phases that require the use of quotation marks






3. Source/online news source: “Andrew Tate has been banned from social media. But his harmful content still reaches young men”


 Read the following article and summarize the main ideas/information. a) The objective is to summarize the key information contained in the article in one cohesive paragraph (with a topic sentence), highlighting the key points, or the gist of the article (not all the details and examples).


 In your summary which paraphrases the content, you must use quotes and you must refer to the authors cited. You must include paragraph numbers (see APA 7th edition)


. I would like you to practice citing sources within this source. Refer to this link to help you: 4. Create a reference page (on a separate page) which includes all the sources used for this assignment and attach to this assignment. Review APA for proper format and indentation. Note how to properly cite a book, journal article, and newspaper source and APA 7th changes

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